Culture And Globalization In The Story Of Samir Moussa

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Without a doubt, the story of Samir Moussa is a commonplace case of how culture and globalization have an impact on the way of life and predetermination of individuals. On account of Samir being destined to a Lebanese and a Colombian parent is a major sign of how globalized his life will be. As his folks are from two distinct universes he was in a path constrained to get used to both universes in the meantime.
This situation has both focal points and weaknesses. Luckily for Samir, he had both encounters which toward the end helped him to settle on a few decisions throughout his life. One of the strains of Samir's circumstance is him being presented to unexpected occurrences. Like he expressed in his exchange "I was presented to the truths of what war can do to a nation and its people. Seeing a war-torn Beirut and the general population living there similarly as the war finished profoundly affected me".
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Samir's occupation now did profit him as well as profited innumerable number of individuals. Through his interpretation, individuals got the chance to hear what Don Candido needed to impart to the world.
One thing I saw about the discourse of Samir is the degree at which globalization has stifled culture and conventions. Globalization is about innovation, science, income, and advancement, now and then pioneers of the world overlook that quite a long while back individuals made due without every one of these things. Quite a long while back individuals knew how to safeguard sustenance without refrigerators or manufactured additives, they knew how to ranch and construct houses, and most particularly they knew how to cure themselves without the assistance of logical prescription or

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