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  • Malaria Case Study Essay

    Introduction Malaria is a lethal disease caused by the Plasmodium species that are transmitted to people through bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes.1 There are 5 known Plasmodium species and among these, the P. falciparum is the most dangerous and deadly.1 According to the latest studies, there are approximately 198 million cases of malaria in 2013 and an estimated 584 000 deaths.2 However, Malaria mortality rates have decreased by 54% in the WHO African Region and nearly 47% globally since 2000.2 The case study take place in Tanzania where a 3 years old girl brought to the Hospital due to severe anemia caused by Malaria infection. Tanzania is a unitary republic in East Africa and Malaria is the commonest communicable disease there.3 The risk of infection with Malaria is the highest on lowland and during the rainy season.3 Meanwhile the high-risk group of infections belongs to pregnant women and young children.3 Pathophysiology of Anemia caused by Malaria Malaria can be divided into uncomplicated Malaria and severe Malaria.4 Signs and…

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  • Global Malaria Distribution Figure 2: Global Pattern Of Malaria

    Global Pattern- Malaria Figure 1: global malaria distribution figure 2: global distribution of malaria mosquito Geographic Distribution of Malaria As shown on figure 1, the risk of malaria disease is concentrated between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, such as Sub-Sahara in Africa, north of South America and Southeast of Asia. Malaria is more concentrated here because these areas have similar patterns such breeding of Anopheles mosquito. This is due to…

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  • The Most Serial Killers In The World

    of different species, like the Aedes, Culex and Anopheles. Once feeding begins on their host they can easily transmit deadly diseases. Below are a few mosquito-borne diseases quite common in both developing countries and the world at large. Malaria Research reveals that this disease has killed more people than all the wars in the world, combined. It is carried by the female Anopheles mosquito which transmits microscopic parasites (of the genus Plasmodium) from one person to another while…

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  • Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark Hardships Of The Midwest

    Lewis and Clarks hardships of the Midwest By Zachary gammon The men who had explored the Midwest, Lewis and Clark. There is no doubt that they had hardships and things they had to fight and struggle. These true heroes dealt with starvation, malaria, insects, animal threats, gunshot wounds, disease, and even death. This was the expedition of Lewis and Clark. One of the hardships Lewis and Clark and the men faced was…

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  • Chagas Disease Research Paper

    Harpreet Kaur (100297319) INTRODUCTION Chagas disease is a zoonosis disease and is caused by a transmission of parasite T. cruzi through insect vectors triatomine bugs to humans. The fecal matter of triatomine bugs which are infected with parasite T. cruzi is the main mode of transmission of parasite to humans. The main species of vectors which are responsible for 80% cases of Chagas disease in endemic areas are Triatoma infestans, T. brasiliensis, T. dimidiate, T. soadida, and Rhodinus…

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  • Analysis Of Robert S. Desowitz's The Malaria Capers

    primates. The Chinese was one of the first countries to document the signs of malaria, where they documented them as “the mother of fever.” Others such as the Sumerians, India, Greece and Rome were also some of the first countries that provided evidence of malaria, where the Romans refer to it as “Romans fever.” There is also evidence or documentation of many individuals in South America using quinine to treat fever as early as the 15th century. Desowitz then dives into how the parasite for…

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  • Zika Outbreak Research Paper

    The Zika Outbreak The Zika virus is an emerging new illness that may have more consequences than originally thought. Ever since an outbreak in Uganda in 1947, the world attempted to fully understand Zika, but even now, the medical community cannot quite comprehend everything about it. As more cases of the virus are being reported, people are attempting to combat and eradicate the illness using old and new methods. If the Zika virus continues to spread, future generations may receive the heavy…

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  • Summary Of Mosquito Empires

    In Mosquito Empires, J. R. McNeil exemplifies how interwoven human life can be with outside forces and he provides a well-written account of how something as small as a mosquito indefinitely changed history. Yellow fever and malaria, caused by the mosquito, played an important part in the conquest of the Caribbean. This book bestows a detailed approach to how history and war can be forever altered in the face of deadly disease outbreak. In lieu of the vast majority of works that largely focus on…

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  • Dangers Of Mosquitoes

    With the onset of the monsoons, the weather has become really humid and many people are falling ill. Along with the change of season, it is also the time when mosquitoes bite and spread various harmful diseases such as dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. This is because the rainy season provides apt conditions for mosquitoes and other insects to thrive, which pose a threat to your child’s and your health. Just the thought of a mosquito bite is enough to scare anyone. Although most mosquito bites…

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  • Analysis Of A Return Of The Magic Bullet By Cueto

    Malaria is one of the most prominent public health epidemic worldwide. It’s the leading cause of death and disease effecting half of the world’s population. According to World Health Origination (2013) 3.2 billion people live in areas at risk of malaria transmission in 106 countries and territories. Vulnerable populations such as rural poor, young children and expecting women who are more exposed to infection with the least access to services are at elevated risk for transmission of this deadly…

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