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  • My Writing Class Analysis

    is from South Africa she sings “Yaka Yaka.” The song opens with someone playing an uhadi or the mhrubhe. They are a one string bowed instrument. A percussive instrument that sounds like a gourd is also played. There is an instrument that sounds like a metal plate being struck. When the singing starts, it is rhythmic. The emotion is somewhere between sadness and longing. I don’t know what the song is about. The background singers add to the feeling of longing in the music. It sounds like the song is being ripped out of the singer slowly and painfully. Like they are crying out the lyrics, and there is actually someone yelling on the song. The third song is “Raag Khamaj” by Ravi Shankar & Anoushka Shankar this was a live song. The music was created there on stage, live. The interplay between voice and instrument was amazing. The conductor vocalized how he wanted the music to go and the musicians played what he vocalized. The entire composition was electric. There were four instruments, drums, sitar, and two flutes one played traditionally and one from the front. The flutes accentuate the metallic sound of the sitar. The sounds are the musical equivalent of a walk through a bazaar. You can hear the hesitation as the musician searches for a particular note to carry the music in the right direction. My opinion of the class is that it met its intent, which was to introduce me to…

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  • The Beatles Impact Essay

    most drawn to the spirituality of the people of India. In 1965, Harrison was first introduced and interested in Indian music when The Beatles were filming their second movie, “Help!” During the filming process, which took place in India, Harrison became interested in the sitar which led to meeting a famous Indian musician, Ravi Shankar. With the help of Shankar, Harrison was led to his infatuation w i t h I n d i a n c u l t u r e a n d H i n d u i s m . T h e B e a t l e s m e m b e r h a s s a…

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  • Hunting Tigers Out In Indiah Summary

    influence of Indian culture on music, particularly the Beatles music. As we learned, George Harrison was the Beatle most influenced by the Indian heritage, and he was the band member to incorporate the sitar into Beatle songs. The article discusses simple things like George going to a little convenience shop to purchase a cheap sitar, just to get accustom to the Indian instrument. Although the main focus was the Beatles, the article discusses other bands that incorporated the sound of Indian…

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  • Jog Research Papers

    Khanh Pham Megan Quilliam September 29, 2015 World Music 2772 Anoushka Shankar - Indian Classical Raga - Jog Raga is a melodic mode that is included in traditional Indian music. A raga has around five to nine music notes, however, the notes themselves are not as important as how they are laid out and expressed through the music. Traditionally, ragas are strictly associated with other factors such as seasons, time of the day, etc. Ravi Shankar is a musician who introduced Indian classical…

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  • Pachem Se Gara Analysis

    Pachema Se Gara: I really enjoyed "Pachem Se Gara" by Anoushka Shankar. It has a form of funk and spunk. This “funk” that I refer to is the way in which the rhythm makes one want to move and dance. I also like how when you listen to this type of music, you get a sense of the modern hip hop and R&B feel in the songs. If I knew how to dance the kathak, the song would have definitely triggered me to get up and start dancing. I especially liked how the song resembled much of one that I’ve heard here…

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