The Importance Of 1920's Fashion

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How To: 1920s Fashion and Style The 20`s were a roaring time in history, and one of the large components of it was the fashion and style. This was an important time for women especially, because they learned how to be different than all the women before their time. The 19th Amendment gave women the freedom to do many things they had never been able to do before, and this reflected in how they choose to dress. They took many risk in what they wore, for their time. What you will need to achieve a 1920s look is a slip dress, stockings, and a headband.
The slip dress was a staple piece of the 20`s, along with stocking that always went with the slip dress. To top the whole outfit off you will have to have a headband. The first step is to get the perfect slip dress. The typical image of a 1920s dress would we fringe covered, but that was not always the case. Many other dresses were plain and most had no shape to them. But if you really want to achieve an authentic 1920s outfit, you will most likely want a sparkling fringe dress. The dress will have to be below the knee or at the knee. It has be a shapeless shift dress with beading and an uneven hemline. These type of dresses were very important to the appearance of the roaring 20`s, because they represented the
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Although the dresses were longer than dresses today, it was still necessary in their society to wear stockings. In addition, today they would most often be known as tights or nylons. The typical pair of stockings were most likely made of cotton, silk, or in synthetic rayon. Synthetic rayon gave them a certain look many women of the 20`s loved. It made the stockings look extra shiny. In this time, if you truly knew the right way to wear your stockings, you would have rolled them down to your knee. This was a way the young kids did it. If you want the true authentic 1920s look, you need a pair of stocking that are pastel, beige, or ivory ("What to Wear:

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