Bachelor of Architecture

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  • Importance Of Becoming An Architect

    in the world, but revealing the educational requirements, travel opportunities, job advancements and salary will want to make anyone become an architect. The educational requirements for architect rely from either a bachelor’s degree or a two or five year educational program. “High school seniors may consider entering a Bachelor of Architecture program to complete a 5 year undergraduate degree” ( A regular degree in architecture is four years. But most people have chosen an extra year of study to become more than just a pro at architecture, and create more experience to become a fully-trained architect. For those college graduates that only attended the four year and did not complete the five year program, they will enroll in a professional Master of Architecture Program. Of course students may have taken some courses in the M.Arch. Program, therefor would receive credit and will not have to retake the courses. “Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) programs are catered towards students with no previous educational back ground in architecture” ( The program helps and strongly focuses on the student with no experience of architecture work. Providing massive time and work with their peers, increasing their knowledge and they can really recognize the meaning and the real life of an architect. After a good period of time, each student will have recognized, and have gained knowledge and increase their experience to begin their career as an architect.…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As An Architect

    side of your brain and enjoy solving problems and conquering challenges? As an architect you will be able to put your creative ideas down on paper and then turn those drawings into reality. It is a challenging, but immensely rewarding profession and few things can compare to the feeling of seeing your ideas turned into something tangible that can be inhabited by people. However, being an architect also comes with a lot of responsibility and the first step is obtaining your architecture degree.…

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  • Personal Essay: My Eternal Love For Architecture And Architecture

    My first tryst with architecture was back in 2000; I was about 10 years old and my parents had started the construction of our new house. We took weekly trips to the construction site and I remember being so fascinated with how a few walls and ceilings, an entity so basic, could create spaces so vastly varying and yet so personal. This had now opened up a whole new spectrum of the built form for me, I was suddenly more conscious of its presence, something I hadn’t even noticed until that time.…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Architecture

    The work of an architect is visible from the houses in a sub development to skyscrapers located in cities all around. Every building or structure no matter how small or how large started as a design created by an architect. The styles of architecture varies around the world and from architect to architect, each person has their own style of design. Becoming an architect requires a lengthy and expensive college education along with an internship for a student to become certified. Even though the…

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  • Love On Tv Show Analysis

    Finding True Love on TV: The Reality of The Bachelor ABC’s The Bachelor is a widely popular reality show that has aired for 20 seasons and has produced various spinoffs such as its twin program, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise. Created by Mark Fleiss and hosted by Chris Harrison, the show is designed around a single eligible bachelor who is looking for love. 26 women are brought in as “contestants” on the show who compete to win the man’s love through a series of…

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  • Utopian Urban Planning

    Excessive Planning in the Urban Future: Obstacles to Urban Utopia The utopian-style planning of the urban future has embraced principle, and abandoned practicality. In order to form utopian cities, the planners of urban areas like Brasília and Delhi proposed detailed urban plans that have mostly ignored market factors in favor of heightened urban regulations. In the case of Brasília, these regulations, designed to further the city’s utopian conception, have actually had the opposite effect.…

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  • Air Conditioning

    Introduction There are numerous similarities between a wall air conditioner and a window air conditioner, but the main intention of the former is not to place it on a window. Wall air conditioners are placed directly within the wall of the building. Well, if you already have an air conditioning unit at your home, no worries! The only difference between the wall air conditioner and the central air conditioner is that the former can be mounted to the wall of the building. It also comes with a…

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  • Sustainable Construction

    Introduction This paper examines six peer-reviewed articles addressing the concept of sustainable construction. Sustainable construction is the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles (Mokhlesian & Holman, 2012). These resource efficient and ecological principles make changes to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the structure. Topics discussed in the articles include, but are not limited to,…

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  • Statement Of Purpose To Study Kinesiology And Psychography

    I never intended to study architecture. When I was applying to colleges, I intended to study kinesiology and psychology. Studying dance and photography when I was younger gave me a desire to be expressive, and even though I felt a connection to the physicality of dance through kinesiology, I knew I wanted to do something that fulfilled that same sense of expression. It wasn’t until I studied architecture that I noticed some of its similarities with dance. Dance is expressive of the body, but it…

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  • Recovering Utopian Coleman Analysis

    utopia in regard to architecture and city planning. It includes explanations that make up the dangers and realistic ideals that come along with trying to create utopia in architecture or a utopian city. Coleman describes what makes up utopia in architecture which include as he describes four elements: “social and political content; a significant level of detail in the description of what is proposed; elaboration of a positive transformation of social and political life as key to what is proposed…

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