Bacillus anthracis

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  • Bacillus Anthracis Pathogenesis

    Bacillus anthracis is the causative organism of the serious infectious disease, called anthrax. There are three manifestations of this disease. The manifestations include gastrointestinal anthrax, inhalation anthrax, and cutaneous anthrax. This research will explore the morphology, virulence factors, reservoir, transmission, and portal of entry of B. anthracis. The pathogenesis will also be reviewed, including symptoms, how B. anthracis causes these symptoms, the possible complications of the symptoms, role of virulence factors, and the evasion of the hosts’ defense mechanisms. Morbidity and mortality rates, diagnosis, treatment, prevention including the use of vaccines, and why it is socially relevant to continue research on B. anthracis is…

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  • Bacillus Cereus Lab Report Answers

    1. Summary of how I identified Bacillus cereus. a. First, I performed the gram stain test, I then went on to do the spore stain. b. The results I obtained from the gram stain were gram positive rods, I could tell they were positive by the purple color to them and the rod shape by the comparison provided in the lab manual (Wilkosz, Peterson). After I confirmed the results I performed the spore stain, which indicated that my sample was positive so it contained endospores. The sample should have…

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  • Analysis Of Keratin From Chicken Feather

    2. Materials and Methods: The keratin was extracted from Chicken feather which were collected from the local market of Raipur (21.14°N 81.38°E) Chhattisgarh, India. The 91% food grade alginate (sodium salt form) was purchased from Loba Chemie. The β-mercatpoethanol (mol. wt. 78.13) from LOBA Chemie, sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) (mol. wt. 288.38) and urea (mol. wt. 60.06) was purchased from Merck, and ethanol was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich. Antimicrobial strain of gram negative bacteria…

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  • Gram Unknown Lab Report

    In order to determine the identity of two unknown bacteria, I performed a series of experiments over several days. To begin this process I created a dichotomous key that I utilized as a guide to perform a series of inoculations, while using both selective, and differential media. The series of inoculations eliminated bacterium based on test results until the correct bacteria were both positively identified. On day one of this process I received two bacteria, one labeled 7A and the other…

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  • Unknown Identification Test

    their choice. Unknown test tube #25 was obtained and streaked onto two agar plates to obtain individually isolated colonies. The gram-staining procedure was used to determine organismal morphology, resulting in a gram-positive cocci and gram-negative bacilli. A sucrose utilization test was performed and narrowed the possibilities of the gram-negative bacilli to Proteus vulgaris and Enterobacter cloacae. Then a Methyl Red and Voges-Proskauer (MR-VP) test was done to confirm the identity of the…

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  • Adhatoda Vasica Research Paper

    ranging between 2.5 to 10 mg/kg. However, application of estradiol enhanced the abortifacient effect in guinea pigs while administered with aspirin repressed the abortifacient activity because of inhibition in release/production of prostaglandins (Chandhoke 1982). 2.1.10. Antimicrobial The microbial flora collected from patients with gingivitis has shown inhibitory effect towards water extract (Patel and Venkatakrishna-Bhatt 1984). Moreover, the alcoholic extract of leaves and roots revealed…

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  • Bacillus Subtilis Lab Report

    DISCUSSION Unknown #297 was collected from a urine sample from a patient with a kidney infection, named Doris. There have been several tests that were performed at the University of Illinois clinical Laboratory to identify the unknown. Unknown #297 was identified to be Bacillus subtilis with the various tests that were conducted. Most of the results that were observed in the laboratory matched the expected results for the bacterium. All of the morphological characteristics results matched…

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  • Harmful Effects Of Corn Essay

    Corn, beyond doubt, is one of the biggest stories in human history. The “ruler” of the entire American food chain is corn. From farmyards to supermarkets, countless types of food ingredients and even forage are corn-derived. In 2007, the States alone produced 13 billion bushels of corn. Such massive reap is attributed to corn-farm subsidies by the government, a “legacy” of the Great Depression which gives corn an unnatural edge over other kinds of crops. The policy is, in fact, skewed in favor…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Gm Foods

    not approved for human consumption. A few cases have been reported where genetically modified crops only approved for animal feed or industrial use were detected in the products intended for human consumption (Frequently asked questions on genetically modified foods. n.d.). Eating biological modifications that are not intended to be safe for humans could easily lead to diseases or even death. Another environmental issue involved in genetically modified foods is the effect on non-target…

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  • B Vitamins

    Overview B Vitamins for the Skin B Vitamins for the Skin The B vitamin group includes eight chemically distinct vitamins that collectively form the vitamin B complex. Before scientific research delivered accurate information linking health and vitamins, the distinctive B vitamins were believed to be one single vitamin B. This notion went unquestioned for a lengthy period, since B vitamin food sources often contain a cluster of B family members. A proper summary of B complex's function as…

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