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  • Planning An Event Analysis

    locations and get estimates from various venues to fit your budget. Proposing a budget early on will be helpful in keeping your expenses in check. The bigger the event, the more money it will cost. There are several factors that will play a significant part in your budget. Food, entertainment, decorations, and supplies are just some that you need to consider. Decide if it is better to have the event catered or have a potluck. If you go with the catering option then you should have an idea of the menu. You will have to decide if appetizers will be served, how many courses will be provided, and if there are substitutes for those with a special diet. In addition, you should note if alcoholic beverages are a necessity or not. There is usually more paperwork involved when it comes to serving alcohol, so be aware of that. Venues and catering companies sometimes go hand in hand. Getting estimates will help in selecting the company that fits into the budget. Provide the caterer with the number of invitees, the time, date and make sure their calendar is also clear. There will be some companies who not only provide a venue, but a catering option as well. It is important to get a comprehensive price which covers all aspects of the event, including but not limited to: set-up, clean-up, linens, tips, and service. For those venues which do not provide caterers, you should ask if they are affiliated with any caterers. Sometimes a venue without a catering company on site work…

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  • Industry Studies Research Assessment Task

    Studies Research Assessment Task Overview Music venues play a very important role in society. Before musicians could physically record their work, the only way for people to experience music was to see it live, at some type of venue. Whether it be a bandstand or arena, music has been bringing people, musicians and their art together for a long time. That’s a venue’s fundamental purpose. Through technological advances, the music scene has grown and developed rapidly since the mid-20th century.…

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  • Music And Hearing Loss

    While analyzing four scholarly articles regarding my proposal that music benefits health, nearly all the sources were thorough and provided evidence and facts that supported my proposal. The four sources were all found in scholarly academic journals. Two of the articles supported my proposal and the other two displayed issues in music and how it affects our health negatively. An analysis of the strong and weak points of each source is required to derive a sufficient conclusion. In the article,…

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  • Live Performance Research Paper

    Music is a word that brings feeling of comfort to me and many other people. Music is something that can change your entire mood, week, how your day is going, etc. There are so many different kinds of music, and they appeal to many different kinds of people all over the world. As fans of these types of music and performers, it is our job to support the artists in their career. This being said, the reasons why a person would go to a concert are endless. Whether it be for the experience, the chance…

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  • John Thought Garden

    “Architecture describe as frozen music, landscape as thawed music”, this is my favorite sentence from the book . The author of the book--John Powell was using the eyes of artist to look our world. Landscape is described as a dynamic and flowing thing. It has more similarity with music. In other words, the way we feel landscape is quite similar with how we feel music. We could get different feeling, receive different experiences in different sections and time of a music, so does in landscape. It…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Napa

    Rosita. After we all headed over to the venue called Silo’s which was very small and intimate. The first performance was by Heart Candy and some other bands that preformed through the evening were The Fortune Rhythms, Dads, Misty Keys, Smooth Murphy, The Recruiters, The Blue Horns, and Jenny & the Blue Hearts. There was also a special…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Carnegie Hall

    In New York City, there are many attractions, and historical landmarks to visit. One landmark that I would genuinely love to visit would be Camegie Hall. As someone who is very involved in music, I have always dreamed of visiting there. Carnegie Hall is one of the most prestigious music venues in America. My high school choir was invited to sing there under Dr. Johnson, who is the choral director at the University of Kentucky, but unfortunately, getting Harlan County School Board approval was…

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  • Grand View University-Fall Music Concert

    View University- Fall Music concert, on October 26, 2014 at 7pm. It was held at Luther Memorial Church. This small church was packed. It was uncomfortable, but it was free. The concert was presented by Grandview University’s Department of Music. My co-worker’s daughter is studying to become a music teacher. She is soprano singer. I did get to meet her before the concert. She warned me that the band was going to be bad because there were a lot of freshmen in it. I said, I didn’t…

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  • Grieg Historie In Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music

    Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks”. Music is a universal language shared between every human on Earth. Since the beginning of time, music has been used as a form of expressing a person’s feelings. Throughout the years, music has evolved and is still currently changing. However, the sound and structure are changed through big influences in the musical world. This is how music develops a new shape and sound. For the Romantic Era, one of these composers is Edvard Grieg.…

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  • Gandhi 210 Final Paper

    knowledge about the world. Music: 5. Before Humanities 210, how would you have described your music preferences? Be specific about genres. How would you have described your level of conscious choice for your music? What components of music attracted you to this choice? Answer: Most of the artists I listen to today are from the singer-songwriter and indie genres of music. There have never been any genres that I don’t consider listening to, I’m just not too interested in the…

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