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  • Why Is China's Leading Market?

    Introduction In this essay, I argue against the statement that China will be a leading market for both recorded and live music by 2028. My argument is based on the fact that China is one of the leading countries in pirated music. In spite of the digital advancements in the country that are making music lovers buy authentic live and recorded music, China is still rated as the leading country in pirated music. If China is to be the leading market in live and recorded music by 2028, its traditional values and cultures will have to shift dramatically to accept all music content locally and globally. However, this is a far-fetched idea given that the Chinese government bans certain types of music from being listened in the present day. This is mainly because of the communist system, where the government controls and regulates the political, social, and economic aspects of the country. The high piracy and cultural elements seem to be the most impeding factors in this narrative.…

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  • Yusette Chai Research Paper

    The student whom I interviewed on Monday was Yutte Chai. Yutte Chai decided to attend UCONN in order to accomplish a bachelor's degree in Digital Media or Business. Yutte Chai’s dream is to become a director. Yutte Chai lived most of his life in China before coming to US. In his vision United States is a great place to spend his life. Yutte Chai is settled in Wilton, CT in United States. He came to US 5 years ago. At first, he missed his other family members and all his friends. Now he loves…

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  • Jay Chou Essay

    it’s in China this person could be the Chinese version of king of the pop, that is Jay Chou. In the circle of entertainment, they never lack of beauty and genius, but Jay Chou may be the fewer who only depends on talented to hold on this circle for many years. Back to 2000 nobody will believe this boy who have speak with a lisp can represent an era. What is his inspiration? Who had support him for all his achievements? Well, family may be the first feature influenced Jay Chou. As a gifted child…

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  • Viking Ding Artifact Analysis

    1.) The first artifact that show evidence of ritualism in Ancient China the Mao Gong Ding. This artifact shows how successful of a ruler King Li and King Xuan were. It was also something to represent how ethical of a ruler they were. This artifact was created by Duke of Mao, who was assigned by King Xuan to take care of all governing matters. The Duke of Mao created this piece of work to honor King Li and his reign. The Mao Gong Ding is a big three – legged cauldron made out of bronze (bronze…

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  • Compare And Contrast Qing Dynasty And Ming Dynasty

    Asia in the 16th through 19th centuries was prospering and growing rapidly. Various empires came to power including the dynasties Chinese the Ming and the Qing, Tokugawa Japan and the hermit kingdom Korea. These empires all achieved greatness when it came to political aspects, social aspects and economical aspects.The Asian empires were more similar than different. In both China and Japan agriculture was highly important to the economy and was also valued more than being a merchant or artisan.…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Great Lyre In Ancient China

    Comparison The great lyre from Ur and the cong from ancient China share many commonalities. First of all, both of them were buried in the tomb with numerous other valuable objects. The great lyre was discovered in a royal tomb from Ur and the Cong was also unearthed in a tomb of a wealthy family. Secondly, they were both found near the remains of person. The lyre was placed beside a woman who was buried with the royal figure and the Cong was found near the remains of a person. Thirdly,…

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  • Panda Express Synthesis Essay

    Some might agree that Panda Express does not represent an authentic Chinese culture and cuisine. Yet some who are not very familiar with the authentic Chinese culture and cuisine, and like Panda Express, might want to know more about Chinese culture. With the upcoming Chinese New Year, Panda Express posted an infomercial video that are intended to children who are not familiar with Chinese culture in America. It explains the legend of Chinese New Year with the use of colorful cartoon, a girl as…

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  • Similarities Between Gupta Dynasty And Han Dynasty

    From simple agricultural civilizations to large and advanced empires, the Classical Period, from 1000 B.C.E. to 500 C.E., was one of the most important and developmental periods in human history. During this period, several large civilizations developed in the Middle East and Asia. These civilizations made many advancements in areas such as politics, economy, technology, art, and religion. Two major civilizations that developed during the classical period were China and the Indian subcontinent.…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Contributions Of Classical China

    Classical China made various contributions in many areas such as, the areas of political institutions, religion, culture, economy, and society. The Qin and Han dynasties were agricultural states that valued ancestors, had a uniform tax system, a strict code of law, and a bureaucracy. The Han bureaucracy consisted of upperclassmen and people who could pass the civil service examination. Emperor Wudi established this exam, that tested law and Chinese literature. Emperor Wudi also established a…

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  • The Impact Of Trade On The Mediterranean Sea

    Trade has been a universal practice since the beginning of time, occurring not only among members belonging to one civilization, but between other societies as well. Trade was a way for people to have access to resources they otherwise would not be able to have. While trade across land was common, trade by water began to gain more popularity with the invention of better boats. One of the most well-known seas that had much trade occur upon it, is the Mediterranean Sea. Being able to access these…

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