Reflection Of Hip-Hop: My Favorite Genre Of Music

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Music is the voice of the alluring soul and captivating sound of the heart. Music has a way of articulating feelings and emotions through a vast variety of sounds, words, and instruments. Choice in music personalized, and no two individuals enjoy all of the same music because we all are differ in some way. For example, I was born in College Park, Georgia, in a majority Black neighborhood to my mother and two brothers. I am a twenty-year-old college student that identify as a Black American male because my ancestor are ascendants of slavery. As I reflect on my choice in music, I discovered how my life experiences, family history, location, and social circle influenced my selection.
The strongest influence on my musical preference is my family and out very interesting history. My mom was raised in a very urban part of Atlanta, she watched both of her parents be addicted to drugs and even witnessed her own brother be shot to death. As a result, my mom sheltered my
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Hip-Hop is a relatively new genre of music, which first surfaced during the 1970’s in the streets of the Bronx, New York. Hip hop origins consisted of up- beats sounds and catchy call and response phrases, but over the years hip hop has grown into much more. Hip-hop is currently one of the most popular and influential music genre in today’s society. This flourishing genre of music can be found continent to continent, Asia to Australia. In America, Hip hop has become a major platform to speak out the against social injustice marginalized individuals face in America. With its fast pace, metaphoric word play, hip hop can be leave the listener dissecting a song for subliminal meanings for hours. As a result, Hip hop artist has become the voice of the people and hip hop artist are seen as social justice leaders in our society. Hip hop has played a major role in me understanding my identity and history, and has had a strong hand in shaping the beliefs I

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