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  • Genealogy Of The Gods In Hesiod's Theogony

    occurred as only scribes, or writers knew how to write correctly. This work gives majority of the myths, origins, while including all the names of even the less worshipped gods. Theogony starts with an invocation to the Muses, addressing them, telling of their story…

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  • Renaissance Art Movement Essay

    This painting was done on poplar wood with tempura. The subject matter for this particular piece of art is to show one of the Nine Muses, Calliope. Muses are from Greek Mythology and they are said to give inspiration to artist. The Muses are usually depicted in paintings of divine beauty and usually holding laurels. Calliope, in particular, was a superior Muse and was always shown with kings and princes for serenity and justice. In this particular painting by Tura, Calliope is painted on top of…

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  • The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Analysis

    In 1798 a well-known poet named Samuel Taylor Coleridge published his poem The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. The poem was contained in a poem collage by Coleridge and William Wordsworth called the Lyrical Ballads. Coleridge is known for the Romantic influence in his writings: “Coleridge achieved wonder by the frank violation of natural laws, impressing upon readers a sense of occult powers and unknown modes of being” (“The Romantic Period: Topics.” The Norton Anthology of English Literature).…

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  • Individuals At The Muse: A Social Analysis

    The Muse, a great place to drink coffee, interact, and observe social forces in action. This Sociology Project is to show how individuals interact with one another in a coffee shop environment. The Muse is a coffee shop located in Wyndhurst, Virginia and is a predominately white and upper-middle class suburb. The study took place on the afternoon of October 24, 2016. Individuals at the Muse were studied through visual observation and any verbal observation that could be pieced…

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  • The Boardwalk Muse: A Short Story

    The Boardwalk Muse I followed the ancient, rickety boardwalk through the rows of corn that went to the ends of my Earth. The early summertime dew had a perfume of light magic that hung in the air like the fireflies that danced in and out of my vision. Pounding against the decrepit boards, my bare feet were getting tired from the running I was doing, but I couldn 't stop now. John was waiting for me near the ocean at the end of the lane, our little spot. Nothing more than a puny fishing…

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  • The Muses Go To School Analysis

    In The Muses Go To School, Rosie Perez tells her story about how the arts made her who she is today. Rosie Perez is a well-known American actress who is also known to be a community activist, talk show host, author, dancer, and choreographer. Looking back at all Perez has accomplished, you would never think that she almost did not take the chance to become what she did. Rosie Perez was a shy kid who did not really stand out. When she was younger, her parents had gotten tickets to a play in…

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  • Analysis Of Charles Bukowski's 'Betting On The Muse'

    I read a study last week that described middle children as the most forgotten. It didn’t use those words exactly, but with phrases like “least talkative”, “least bold” and “lack of attention” it’s easy to get the gist. As the second oldest in a family of four kids, I originally agreed with this sentiment. I’ve had more than my fair share of being forgotten by my parents at shops. Twice the amount of all my siblings combined. But, in Charles Bukowski’s poem “Betting on the Muse”, he describes…

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  • Inspire Me, Muse: A Short Story

    Inspire me, Muse, in telling the age long tale of a girl tormented in many ways, yet she could conquer any obstacle in her path. The girl that could defeat any creature, no matter the horror. Her name was Eleanor Hughes. Eleanor was the strongest warrior among many who had the determination to destroy the three strongest monsters known to man. She dared not to listen to anyone for she was set on a path to right was had been done wrong. The only thing she wanted was to live a life without worry,…

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  • Fool My Muse Said To Me Essay

    Loving in truth, and fain in verse my love to show, written by Sir Phillip Sidney in 1582 is more of the comical dramatics of the period of the 16th century. That in itself is very interesting to me sense a good joke is always good material in writing, for me at the very least, and I find it fun to read. In this poem Sidney is trying very hard to write and just can’t find the words and at the end of his struggle the woman he is trying to write about gives him the answer. “Fool,’ my Muse said to…

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  • The Masterpiece Marcel Zola Analysis

    In Emile Zola’s The Masterpiece, when Christine insist that Claude give up painting near the end of the book. He responded “No, it is not enough! I won’t go away with you, I won’t be happy, I will paint!’ And I shall die of it, eh? And you will die of it, and we shall end by leaving all our blood and all our tears in it! There’s nothing beyond Art, that is the fierce almighty god who strikes us with his thunder, and whom you honour! he may crush us, since he is the master, and you will still…

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