Renaissance Art Movement Essay

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I have decided to do this paper on the Renaissance art movement. Renaissance means rebirth or revival, from the French language, and it started in the late 14th century to the 16th century in Italy. There is a “proto-Renaissance” time period that blossomed in the early 13th century but was taken by war and the plague. This era started in Italy because Italy had a lot of classic Roman architecture and sculptures. Many artists wanted to bring this since of artwork back to revive it. Renaissance artist would take the values and principles from Roman and Greek art to influence their artwork. The Renaissance began at the ending of the Medieval or middle Ages in Europe. A lot of the artwork during the Renaissance period was moving away from the religious artwork of the middle Ages and moving toward individualism. Religious artwork mainly focused on what came after life on Earth. With the ending of the middle Ages artist would be able to express themselves more through their artwork. With many artists …show more content…
This painting was done on poplar wood with tempura. The subject matter for this particular piece of art is to show one of the Nine Muses, Calliope. Muses are from Greek Mythology and they are said to give inspiration to artist. The Muses are usually depicted in paintings of divine beauty and usually holding laurels. Calliope, in particular, was a superior Muse and was always shown with kings and princes for serenity and justice. In this particular painting by Tura, Calliope is painted on top of a throne sitting perched upward with her left arm prompt onto her knee to shown her superiority and her relationship with royalty. She is also holding a laurel in her right hand. Tura did this painting for the d’Este family. Calliope could have been used in this painting because she was associated with royalty, it would reflect the life of the d’Este family by having this painting on display in their

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