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  • Glenbow Museum Analysis

    Visiting a museum has always been a top priority, since it not only house the ancient cultural history but also communicates in a symbolic manner to all age groups. Today the very concept of the museum has undergone a drastic transformation. Museums in contemporary times are not restricted to ancient people and history, but museum today comprise histories and impart stories of human beings. As a result there are different types of museums focusing on diverse issues such as eco-museums focus on the environment and its adaptability, war and memorial museums reflecting stories and impact of war on societies, people and transformed the socio-political scenario in global context, anthropological museums dedicated towards preservation of endangered the culture and history. Although the museums are built for various reasons each museum has a history for its existence. According to the concept of the museum and its role in the society. Hence, museums for a long time forms a key instrument towards creating the identity of people with its land and history, generating nationalism, unity and imparting cultural history to name a few. Considering these characteristics, visit the Glenbow museum in Calgary is a challenging phenomenon not only from planning and design perception but from a judiciously on reflection of my position from a foreigner’s perspective, in a constant dilemma of contrasting and comparative situations from cultural point of view towards viewing a museum. History of…

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  • Brief Summary Of Speech: University Archaeology Museum

    Summary Speech: University Archaeology Museum I want to thank you all for joining us at this press conference today. I greatly appreciate each and everyone one of you for taking the time out of your day to come here. This community has already displayed its dedication and support you all have for the University Archaeology Museum by showing up here today. My Background If you haven’t already heard, I am not the new director of the Archaeology Museum and would like to wholeheartedly thank the…

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  • Dogs Group Case Study

    In Lee’s article, Reconsidering Conflict in Exhibition Development Teams, the team structure was egoless. An egoless team structures “encourages a high level of interactivity and communication among project members” (Frame, chapter 3 pg. 91). There is no team leader, decisions are made by the team, and the project product reflexes inputs from all the team members. This is the ideal of an egoless team structure. In the case of Dogs Group, although the structure was egoless, certain members of the…

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  • Reflective Essay For Museum Education

    I am grateful that my exposure to art came at an early age. I used to sit in my father’s kitchen, mirroring his movements as he sketched scenes from life in Mississippi. My sister and I would think of titles for his paintings as they dried on the living room floor. My initial curiosity for his work eventually developed into a genuine desire to explore the arts further. After finding my own path through art history, honing my artistic skills, and expanding my knowledge of different cultures, I…

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  • Cleveland Museum Analysis

    The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in 1913, and after many years of planning and construction the museum officially opened in 1916. Industrialists Hinman B. Hurlbut, John Huntington, and Horace Kelley bequeathed money for the construction and to sustain the art museum. The endowment left over one hundred years ago still continues to support the museum today. By examining the mission statement of the museum, we can better determine if the museum delivers on the mission’s promises . Mission…

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  • Nature As Heritage, By Tomas Germundsson's National And National Heritage

    can possess a regional or local identity as well as a national (Ashworth, Howard, 1999). When looking at Sweden’s heritage, we cannot ignore the fact that we share similarities with our neighbours across the boarders in Denmark and Norway. We share similarities in our language, our folklore, our built heritage and history. However, the Swedish people has not questioned their national identity for a very long time because the country has not been under threat for centuries. This question of…

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