Muscular System Essay

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Muscular system pictures

Nervous System Pictures

How to the Keep the System Running Properly:
The muscular system- Eat a diet with a sufficient amount of protein, do weight exercises (focus on reps, not the amount of weight), stretch regularly
The skeletal system- Eat a diet rich with calcium, get large amounts of Vitamin D, wear protective gear when necessary
The nervous system
The respiratory system
The digestive system
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It allows for movement and assists in maintaining posture. It works hand-in-hand with the skeletal system to perform many key motor functions. It aids in digestion and allows the heart to work. Some muscles are autonomous, or work by themselves, while others are controlled by the nervous system. Four tissues/organs of the muscular system are cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle and the heart. Cardiac muscle is they type of muscle that makes up the heart and is autonomous. The heart is a muscle that is crucial to survival. Smooth muscle lines the inner digestive tract. It contracts to allow food to proceed down the digestive tract. This type of muscle is also autonomous. The third type of muscle is skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle is the only type of muscle that is not autonomous and is controlled by the nervous system. Skeletal muscle works with bones to allow for movement. Some known threats against the muscular system include myotonia, which causes unwanted movements in voluntary muscle, mitochondrial myopathies, which includes damage to the mitochondria of muscle cells, and myofascial pain syndrome, which includes throbbing pain in various parts of the body when pressure is applied to an unrelated part. The muscular system can be kept healthy by eating sufficient amounts of protein, lifting weight and stretching

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