Diets Affecting The Human Body

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There are better ways to living to 100. Most experts say that it is a must to change everything about what diet you have. While some say it does not matter what you eat as long as you try to keep working out. Doing Just working out does not help if there is not a proper diet, but if there is proper diet does not mean one does not have to work out which is essential for health. So people should realize that to reach old age and still do what you love is to know when to have that happy medium between food and exercise.
The body has been designed by nature to eat certain things but does not have to be switched out to alternatives. The human body throughout time has relied on simple things such as sugar, protein, and water. Diets back in the 1800’s
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It is true that there are some food products that can be bad for you but everything is bad for oneself if too much is eaten. So what can really be said is even if you eat some bad food it does not mean people will die young. It just means that there will other chance to get better with eating or choosing better foods to eat for better health.
One thing the body should always get would be to have plenty of exercise to reach old age. With age people must work their bodies to stay in shape as well as gain more energy. One
David 2 part of doing physical activity that most people should now is that no matter how much is done as long as exercise is being preformed. Of course age can affect whether or not someone can work out but if someone is willing to stay in shape it is possible to figure out what is needed to keep that level of fitness based off of age. "This is due to the fact that as we all get older our bodies begin to breakdown to the point of death. When the younger age groups try to be fit it is best to work in a fast and sometimes relatively intense sessions of exercise. For older age groups fitness can be harder and kind of slower for most adults in that age range to stay in
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Then there is life which can be difficult and be the reason for causing people to have eating disorders and other such things that lead to unhealthy life styles. "The ability to balance the two health and life is great because it will be the key to living a long life which most people wish to achieve." (Buettner Transcript) Sadly it is not common thing to happen in America but is common in other countries such as Japan, Italy, and other countries. So for people in the U.S. to gain that growth in age they do not need to adopt the customs of another country, but would be a very great idea to take a few tips from them to learn how to live longer.
In conclusion, Living to 100 can be possible if but without having to completely change what is enjoyed. Will some changes needed to made to diet yes but it needs to be changed based off of age. Which some would say is a hassle because it giving up what is most enjoyed but it is
David 3 not a hassle if they are willing to try and cut back. There is also matters of getting exercise

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