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  • Student Feedback Analysis

    III Feedback Mechanism “Learning strategies are kind of implicit learning skills. Appropriate teaching methods play and important role in students’ acquisition and application of learning strategies” (Li & Xue, 2008, p. 229). There is an need for effective feedback mechanism, according to which, students are able reflect on their work and adapt and adjust their learning strategies, and teachers are obliged to improve their teaching methods to help students develop implicit skills to accomplish specific learning tasks. There are a few parallels and contrasts between Australia and China in terms of feedback mechanism. In Australia, universities usually adopt an appropriate system to provide effective feedback to students, as well as to teachers,…

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  • Learning Feedback

    doing this activity I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned to understand my actions more and now pay more attention to how the feedback I get from others affects the way I react and change my behavior. This activity enabled me to think about how others might react to similar feedback. I also have learned the many things that I try to present myself as such as: intelligent, friendly, and fashionable. One very big way I want to present my self is as being intelligent. Since I was…

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  • Online Peer Feedback Research

    studies today about the effects on technology on student learning. There are also many studies on peer feedback in student learning. Yu-Fen Yang and Wen-Ting Meng from Nationals Yunlin University of Science and Technology wrote an article called, “The effects of online feedback on students’ text revision.” This article goes through a research study to see if explicitly teaching students how to give feedback to their peers online can make a difference in student learning. The research questions…

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  • What Is Corrective Feedback?

    lives as one of them. One of the features of language as learnt in a classroom is the teacher’s feedback, whose role in the modern theory of SLA is still much debated (Lochtman, 2002). Thus, the Universal Grammar approach in its strict form rejects any type of corrective feedback. Interactional-cognitive theories, on the other hand, see it as helpful when the learners recognize it as corrective upon they have produced some errors. Similarly, corrective feedback is seen as a potential contributor…

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  • Customer Feedback In The Workplace

    company online. And now, this one user has made your life exponentially more difficult. As a first instinct, you immediately look for the “delete” button (you can’t have that kind of negativity on your page!). But perhaps this deserves another look. Perhaps immediately deleting anything negative isn’t the best way to go. Yes, negative feedback tends to expose weaknesses in companies. But on the flipside of things, customers want to use social media as a way to provide…

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  • Negative Feedback Theory

    negative feedback (1992). In order to accomplish this, they first asked participants to complete a short questionnaire (a version of the Texas Social Behavior Inventory) and then deliver a short speech, to which “raters” behind two-way mirrors gave them either written positive or negative feedback. The participants were then asked a few questions concerning the positive and negative feedback they received and asked which rater they preferred. Results showed that individuals with high…

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  • Continuous Feedback In The Workplace

    To start, feedback in the workplace is an essential element that leads to the overall productivity of the organization through growth and improvement. Feedback provides employees with helpful knowledge and criticism in order to encourage the continuation or to recommend improvement of the employee’s performance thus far. The best and most beneficial type of feedback is one that is given continuously. Continuous Feedback Effective and continuous feedback constructed through a performance…

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  • Positive And Negative Feedback In The Workplace

    The term “feedback” consists of any type of communication that allows for people to understand a piece of information about some aspect of their behavior and the effect it has on you. Many people do not realize how significant the process of feedback is, nevertheless, know how to communicate it effectively throughout the workplace. As a manager, for example, you want to be able to provide effective feedback for your employees to grow within their level of performance and enhance their skills to…

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  • The Influence Of Negative Feedback On Children

    A motivated student would see a negative feedback as a motivation to better himself and keep trying. Unfortunately, negative feedback can be traumatizing to students who feel that they tried their best. Since the purpose of feedback should be to improve performance, notify them on what assignments are correct or incorrect. Feedback should be immediately after the parent notice a correct or incorrect action. I believe in positive feedback, therefore every time my children did something that…

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  • Assess The Importance Of Feedback In School

    Feedback is useful in any facet of your life, whether it is in your personal life, in your career, or in a school setting because it allows you to know more about yourself, your behaviors, your personality, and increases self-awareness. Feedback is one of the best ways to evaluate the progress between where you are, your current state, and where you want to be, your desired state. Feedback whether positive or negative can enrich your skills and behaviors and aide you towards achieving success.…

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