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  • Era Of Good Feelings

    The Era of Good Feelings, but with hard feelings beneath, was a period of dramatic growth and intense nationalism. This era described the national mood of the United States from 1815 to 1825, which marked a period in the political history that reflected a sense of national purpose and unity. The two biggest factors that contributed to this period were James Monroe’s presidency and the ending of the Napoleonic wars. The presidency of James Monroe was marked by an economic upbringing, the separation between the Federalist and Republican party, and feelings of success after the victory in the War of 1812. However, even though it was a period of “good feelings” due to the one-party dominance, the Democratic-Republicans were extremely divided due…

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  • Song Analysis Of Feeling Good, By Nina Simone

    “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flow from heaven to the soul (Monet).” Feeling good was originally written in 1965, by Nina Simone. This song has been used in the popular culture such as, “Point of No Return” and “Six Feet Under”. A song cover was later done by Jennifer Hudson in 2011, and Lauryn Hill in 2015. Although Nina Simone wrote the song, Jennifer Hudson sang it better due to melody, rhythm, and…

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  • Comparing Nina Simone's Song And Feeling Good

    It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life, For me. Wait for who? Who does “me” refer to? The singer presumably. So really, the whole tone of “Feeling Good” can be controlled by the singer. The lyrics never change, but by tweaking the arrangement through instrumentation or vocal timbre, the mood of the song can be flipped upside down and thrown onto the other side of the world. This could not be more clearly exemplified by the two covers of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone in the 1960s…

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  • Review Of The Song 'Good Feeling' By Flo Rida

    A goulash of sweet summer smells pivots through the sleek, cozy environment, and the joyous feeling of a great Georgia summer day starts spreading. While I was listening to the radio, a song came up. While looking, it felt as the trees tumbled and danced beside the highway, dancing peacefully as I turned up the volume louder. The song was very exciting, and the spirit of joy within myself increased tremendously. The song was called “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida. The highlight of the night was this…

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  • The Era Of Good Feelings

    The Era of Good Feelings took place from 1812 until the Civil War. Among those years, and in consequence of the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812, Americans developed a desire of union, however, as ironic as it sounds, it was an era full of disputes between the Democratic-Republican and Federalist parties. To better comprehend American's feeling, it is assertive to go through their behavior over the years, going from the transformation of its citizens from revolutionaries to nationalists and…

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  • The 'Era Of Good Feelings'

    The Era of Good Feelings was when the Republicans took charge after the War of 1812. James Monroe from Virginia and a candidate from the Republicans won the election by a landslide. President Monroe want to promote national unity, in 1817 he made a goodwill circuit. After 1815 many Americans and even the Republicans believed the federal government should take action and increase economic prosperity. These beliefs were expressed by Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, and Daniel Webster. Clay spoke for…

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  • Era Of Good Feelings Dbq

    The Accuracy of the label: “The Era of Good Feelings” The “Era of Good feelings, the period from 1817 to 1823, marked the end of the federalist party. New technology was coming out, there were big changes in government, agriculture was evolving, and transportation was becoming more and more advanced. History books coined the name “Era of Good Feelings” because they believe that people started to feel different and better. Now the question remains, did this really happen? The period following…

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  • Feeling Good Song Analysis

    Being covered by a multitude of artists in different genres, the song “Feeling Good” has become a staple cover in the music industry. “Feeling Good” was written by two British writers Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse. The song was written for a musical called The Roar of the Greasepaint-The Smell of the Crowd in 1965. This musical is about a troubled society, and amongst this society, an unusual trio comes together to proved hope to their world's. In the play, the song was sung by Gilbert…

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  • Effects Of The Era Of Good Feelings

    The Era of Good Feelings The time period from the years 1815-1828 is commonly called “The Era of Good Feelings.” The end of the War of 1812 brought change among the United States, signifying our desire to expand westward, acquiring more land. While we had to continue to fight and compromise for expansion of the nation throughout the era, it paid off well. Along with land expansion, many technological innovations and financial decisions throughout this era helped construct our nation to what it…

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  • Dbq Era Of Good Feelings

    The period after the War of 1812 was christened the Era of Good Feelings because of the nationalistic spirit, high morale, and unfamiliar cooperation among politicians that flourished during the time. Following the War of 1812, the Democratic-Republicans established an essentially one-party system, embracing some of the policies of the inactive Federalist Party and thereby eliminating hostility between the two parties. Although there was a rising spirit of nationalism and morale, the Era of Good…

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