Female athlete triad

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  • Sport: The Female Athlete Triad

    There are many female athletes that participate in sports today. While physical activity can bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, it can also bring on psychological problems. There are certain pressures that come with competing and with that can come a sleuth of problems. The purpose of this paper is to examine what is known as the Female Athlete Triad. Our goal is to get a better understanding exactly what female athletes go through and how societal factors, such as the media, can affect them. Female athletes suffer from what is known as the female athlete triad due to their excessive training and extreme dieting. There are also instances of abuse of diet supplements and laxatives. Some of the athletes affected by this are high…

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  • Female Athlete Triad

    The Female Athlete Triad is a three-component disorder that is highly unknown, but all too common in female athletes. The disorder is often unrecognized by coaches and doctors, which causes a huge risk for young athletes. In order to be diagnosed with the Female Athlete Triad, a female must meet the criteria of presenting disordered eating or “low energy availability,” amenorrhea, and osteoporosis (Payne & Kirchner, page 187.) However, early warning signs and treatment can lessen the severity…

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  • Summary: The Female Athlete Triad

    sports and athlete performance. When it comes to nutrition, there is no restriction in age or gender. All athletes need nutrition in order to achieve and perform at their highest potential in sports and fitness. Over the past four decades, there has been a significant increase in female participation in sports. In that significant increase of female participation, is has been a similar increase in sports-related injuries and conditions (Matzkin, 2015). One condition that stands out in female…

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  • Sexualization Of Women In Sports Essay

    Women can be strong and beautiful without having to be sexualized by the media. Should women show a little skin to promote a brand or themselves and their sport? Although this paper is about women and the things they go through to remain thin, I have to say that men have been sexualized as well. Sports players such as Derek Jeter, David Beckam, and Rafael Nadal have all been part of the pretty boys in sports image. With respect to Wimbleton female tennis players have been playing in small…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Eating Disorders And The Female Athlete Triad

    Jordan Considine Professor S. Perez TSEM: Body Image 3 May 2015 Eating Disorders and the Female Athlete Triad It is estimated that approximately 10 million females in the United States struggle on a day to day basis with an eating disorder (Eating Disorder Statistics & Research). Of those 10 million, female athletes have a 20% higher risk of developing an eating disorder. According to the ANAD, female athletes who participate in aesthetic sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, and cross…

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  • Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Not Get Paid

    College Athletes way of pay Student athletes are those who play to represent their school spirit. They play for the passion and love of the game and sport. All student athletes have a special reason for wanting to represent their school sport. If paying an athlete was really an issue for the players, they would have already stopped playing the sport, and would have started to protest for pay. Those who still stay on the field really enjoy the sport and are not looking forward to getting paid.…

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  • Research Paper On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

    cannot afford to buy food. He is unable to get a job because he spends most of his time on school, and his sport. I believe that college athletes should be paid. College athletes do not have time for a job due to going to school, and focusing on their sport. College athletes go to bed starving because they cannot afford to pay for their food. College athletes do not receive a portion of the money the college makes for having their name on the back of a shirt or anything else. Many people will be…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Pay For College Athletes

    exploitation of athletes is a common occurrence among larger division 1 athletic schools, specifically in basketball and football. In many cases the college is the main source of exploitation, but do the athletes take advantage of cases such as this? Some believe that college athletes deserve some form of compensation in return for their exposure for their colleges financial successes whether in the form of jersey sales, luring spectator’s into the stands or whatever it may be. On the other…

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  • College Athletes Research Paper

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an amazing non-profit organizations that help athletes make their dreams come true. This is including the nearly 2.7 billion dollars of scholarships given this year (NCAA.org). While college athletes are bringing in thousands of dollars they see none of it for their hard work. According to NCAA.org, NCAA is a member led organization whose purpose is to focus on the well-being and success of college athletes. While the NCAA may say they focus on…

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  • The Importance Of Paying College Athletes For Sports

    college athletes should be paid for publicity has raised controversy throughout society. According to the NCAA, Division I and Division II schools provide $2.7 billion in athletic scholarships annually to more than 150,000 student athletes (“Recruiting Fact Sheet,” 2016). Yet, sports administrators argue that paying for athlete’s college tuition simply is not enough as the athletes publicity is producing revenue for universities and the NCAA (Breslow, 2013). While controversy throughout this…

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