Sexualization Of Women In Sports Essay

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Women can be strong and beautiful without having to be sexualized by the media. Should women show a little skin to promote a brand or themselves and their sport? Although this paper is about women and the things they go through to remain thin, I have to say that men have been sexualized as well. Sports players such as Derek Jeter, David Beckam, and Rafael Nadal have all been part of the pretty boys in sports image. With respect to Wimbleton female tennis players have been playing in small colorful outfits that make them stand out in the courts. The sexualization of these athletes has added more pressure to fit into a specific mold. Implementing what is considered the female athlete triad. The female athlete triad includes eating disorders, …show more content…
This eating dIsorder manifestes when a person has a severe fear of gaining weight, no matter how thin they are they still see themselves as fat. If untreated complications can develop such as malnutrition or more severe organ failure. Those who have bulimia eat large amounts of food and purge or abuse laxatives afterwards. Untreated this disorder can result in heart problems, bleeding from the esophagus and if severe kidney problems (WebMD). Binge eating is when a person has bouts of eating and it’s followed by exessive exercise. Unlike Bulimia, binge eaters do not purge. They are usually overweight and if not treated correctly it can lead to depression. Death being the most severe consequence if left untreated Christy Henrich was a gymnast who died at the young age of 22 of multiple organ failure after being told by a U.S. judge that she had to lose weight to make it to the Olympic team, her death was a result of anorexia. Beautiful ballet dancer Heidi Guenther also died at the age of 22 due to complications of an eating disorder she developed after being told she was too fat at the weight of 96 pounds

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