Feminist film theory

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  • Janes Gaines's White Privilege And Looking Relations: Race And Gender In Feminist Film Theory?

    In Janes Gaines’s, White Privilege and Looking Relations: Race and Gender in Feminist Film Theory, Gaines wanted to show how a theory of the text and its spectator, based on the psychoanalytic concept of sexual difference, is unequipped to deal with a film which is about racial difference and sexuality. “The Diana Ross star vehicle Mahogany (directed by Berry Gordy, 1975) immediately suggests a psychoanalytic approach because the narrative is organized around the connections between voyeurism and photographic acts, because it exemplifies the classical cinema which has been so fully theorized in Lacanian terms” (Gaines, 12). But as Gaines argued, the psychoanalytic model works to block out considerations which assume a different configuration…

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  • Gender Roles In Film

    the areas in which there exists a large amount of fallacy is gender. This paper will identify issues women face in film, by analyzing top grossing superhero films in recent years. In researching these films, I will analyze how women are portrayed, and the general conceptions created as a result of their portrayal. In turn, I will show that gender roles are still promoted in media today, creating unhealthy attitudes towards women. Ultimately, the goal of is paper is to encourage a healthy mindset…

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  • Miss Congeniality Analysis

    Miss Congeniality is an action comedy film that came out in the year 2000. This film starred the very well- known actress Sandra Bullock, who plays an FBI agent who has to undergo a transformation in order to become a contestant in the Miss America pageant. Bullock was later nominated for Best Actress at the 2001 Golden Globes, for her performance in Miss Congeniality. From its opening weekend till now Miss Congeniality has made close to a hundred and seven million dollars. The director of this…

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  • Judith Halberstam's The Queer Art Of Failure

    Equality in every shape and size When the feminist movement began to arise in society in the 1970’s it, almost simultaneously, created a different ramification of feminism as well. This ramification of feminism, called Essentialism, manifested itself in, for example, the belief that women were not only supposed to be equal to their male counterparts, but that women were the better sex and superior to men. Therefore, essential feminists believed that women should live up to that potential and…

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  • Unnatural Causes Summary

    in health, diseases, life expectancy, and excess death. The film compares the lives of 4 individuals who live in different counsel districts of Louisville, Kentucky. Systems theorists believe individuals, their systems, communities, and environment are all interrelated to achieve better interactions between each other (Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canda, 2011). Micro, mezzo, and macro systems levels, as well as homeostasis will be discussed to explain the causes of excess death and how to decrease or…

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  • Queer Theory In Movies

    Hidden in Plain Sight One’s beliefs and values on world views can greatly affect the way that we experience and perceive things and we will often remain loyal to these views. While one person might see a certain subject one way, another might see the matter in a contrasting light. Both of these people could be sound in their perceptions, while having differentiating views. Coincidently our ways of thinking also applies to the way that we critically view movies and other forms of media. There…

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  • Iron Jawed Angels Feminist Analysis

    the modern day understanding of the truth. The literary theory of New Historicism is based off this concept, and its goal is to understand the relationship between history, literature, and cultural context. Feminism is a movement advocating for women’s rights and gender equality, and has not been unaffected by New Historicism. Many do not understand the roots of the Feminist movement because…

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  • Importance Of Women In Literature

    Several years ago, as an undergraduate double major student in English education and Literature in English, I wondered why women writings seem to be an overlooked subject. Out of curiosity, a long term research into women’s experience, culture, and society explored through the lens of postcolonial, feminist, social and cultural theories was born. Through this research I have learned that oppressive cultural aspect of gender relationships, especially between women is something that is being…

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  • Psychoanalytic Analysis: The Male Gaze

    communication is the male gaze theory. In this paper, I will explore how the male gaze is challenged and why are there contradictions in those alternatives that require more research. Male gaze within the psychoanalytic analysis Sigmund Freud was a psychoanalyst who most thoroughly developed the concept of the unconscious (Berger, 2013). According to Freud, all humans are born…

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  • Feminism In Jan Dara

    The well-known Thai movie that is a good example of portraying women’s oppression and feminism is Jan Dara. The movie is based on a famous Thai erotic novel. The film portrays the story of Jan, a boy who grows up in a house lorded over by Vissanan-decha, his own sadistic and debauched father. Described the story in 1930s and depicted growing pains of Jan, his mother, who is strongly detested by Luang Vissanan-decha, died while giving birth to him. So, Jan lives with his aunt, and he struggles to…

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