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  • X Rays History

    much as they possibly can and wear protective shields and devices. The kind of risk depends on the patient’s age, gender, and the type of examination. Children are more vulnerable to the effects or radiation and older adults aren’t as vulnerable (Radiology & Radiation…

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  • Imaging Department Workflow

    importance discussed as they tie into the workflow of the radiology department. HIS Patient Registration and Order Entry The workflow begins when the patient is visiting their doctor or admitted to the hospital. The patient will fill out paperwork that explains the patient 's current issues as well as updated medical history…

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  • Increased Use Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    The increased use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has contributed to the rising cost of imaging expenses. The availability of technology, the increased demand for patients and doctor, and advanced technology are factors that have contributed to the increase. Hypothesis: The increased use and availability in MRI imaging has increased the cost in MRI imaging procedures by approximately 33 percent from 2011 to 2013. In an attempt to identify the connection between increased use of MRI…

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  • Radiologist Career Essay

    there are still questions, I have to ask to the individuals of radiology. What are the challenges that radiologic face? Is the workplace a high stressful place? What is the average salary of a diagnostic radiologist? What are the steps that are need to take in order to become a diagnostic radiologist? Methods I began my research by first asking Google questions that I always have for radiologists. For example, is the field of radiology a great field to work in? Does the job ever get boring?…

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  • Case Study Swedish American Medical Center Belvidere

    neighboring town that Swedish American Health System in Rockford Illinois owns. At SwedishAmerican Medical Center/Belvidere, we currently have one Philips x-ray room and one AMX portable x-ray machine. The medical center only has one computed radiology (CR) laser reader. The x-ray room and portable x-ray both utilize this (CR) laser reader. If the laser reader happens to break down, we have no way of developing our images. In addition, there are times that more than one technologist is…

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  • Importance Of CT Scanner

    The CT scanner Depends upon several steps:- 1-The x-ray tube and detector transverse (scan) the object. 2-The radiation beam passes through the object and is attenuated. The intensity of radiation beam from x- ray tube and transmitted beam both are detected by suitable detectors. 3-The transmitted beam and the references beam are both converted into electric signals. 4-These output current signals are then converted into digital form by analog –to-digital converter. 5-The digital data are…

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  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Magnetic resonance imaging, also known as an MRI scan, is a type of scan that uses magnetic fields and radio wave energy to create images of the organs and tissues, such as the brain. It is a scan that is used to detect things such as tumors, infections and injuries. It is often used after an x-ray or CT scan is done to gather more information. This paper will discuss MRI in depth such as how an MRI works, its use in society, the differences between MRI and other scans and the future for MRI.…

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  • The Role Of Imaging In Nuclear Medicine

    ways that X-ray, CT, and MRI alone cannot, providing the most accurate way to study and diagnose specific abnormalities within the body’s elements, making nuclear medicine one of the most valuable modality radiology has to offer. Nuclear medicine brings a unique aspect to the field of radiology. Radiologists use X-ray, MRI, and CT to detect the anatomical aspect of diagnosing conditions,…

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  • Being A Radiographer Essay

    diagnosing or monitoring patient 's injury or illness. Being a radiographer is a good career choice for me because it has a good salary and benefits, there are different types of radiography, work with different machines, cons for radiographers, and radiology plays a vital role in healthcare. The "starting salary for radiographers is 36,000 to 40,000 a year in North Carolina" as stated by Kristen Miller, Wilkes Community College instructor.…

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  • Moodalities: Interventional Radiology

    Interventional Radiology: Interventional radiology can use high amounts of radiation, which may not be very safe for patients. However, the technologists do all that they can do minimize the exposure to the patient. Having an interventional radiology procedure once a year is not that much radiation. However, if a patient is having an interventional radiology procedure many times in one year, that can be a lot of radiation for the patient. Interventional radiology procedures puncture the…

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