Radiology Career Research Paper

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Radiology is advancing in today’s world. This paper will address what an actual radiologist is and what they do, the requirements to become a radiologist, the salary and the benefits a radiologist will receive, the careers that one can go into with radiology, the jobs one can get with being a radiologist, and many more things. Being a radiologist, or something involved in radiology, helps many people. It not only can tell what bones are broken but can also tell if something is wrong with you on the inside. A Radiologist is a medical doctor (MD) or doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) who specialize in using medical imaging techniques that help diagnose and treat diseases and injuries. The medical imaging that they use would be x-rays, CTs, …show more content…
The field one would specialize in will most likely be the career field that they go into. The careers that were mentioned above are those that people would usually choose from. For example, if someone wanted to become an Ultrasound Technician or a Medical Sonographer then their field of study would be specializing on the inside of someone’s stomach. One can also work at an OBGYN to do ultrasounds on someone who is pregnant. If they would rather work as an MRI technician then they will usually work in a hospital. If someone is going to be a MRI Tech then they will specialize in using the equipment to scan somebody’s brain. They will also know how to read the material that comes from the scan. If someone chose to become a Radiology Technician, then they will work in either Urgent Care centers or in doctor’s office, they are the person who takes the picture of your x-ray. There is a difference between a Radiologist Technician and a Radiologist Technologist. Radiologist Technologist are commonly referred to as Radiographers. They are licensed professionals who can operate all x-ray equipment and can perform advanced imaging procedures. CT Technician/CAT Scan Technologist/CT Scan Technologist. CT Tech’s will work under the direction of a Radiologist. They are going to produce computerized tomographic scans of certain sections of the patient’s body. CAT Scan Technologists will work under the direction of a Radiologist. They will also perform abdominal scans, gynecological and obstetric scans, ultrasound examinations, and also retroperitoneal scans. The retroperitoneal scans will create a three dimensional cross-sections or slices of the body. CT Scan Technologists will also work under the direction of a Radiologist. They will produce cross-sections of a person’s internal organs and tissues. Any career or job field you go into you will usually study how someone is doing on their insides:

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