Pursuing A Degree In Radiology Essay

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My loving mother, ever since my early childhood has imbibed the importance of transcendence in me. She used to say, ‘Whatever you do, always aim to achieve excellence in it.’ And I have been following it since then. I started rising and shining in school grades, sports, music and various competitions in school. I also got unique opportunities to represent my school in various elocution and academic contests at state & regional levels. This hard work and strive for supremacy honored me with national merit scholarship and outstanding student award for three consecutive years while in high-school.
I grew up in western India watching my father treating poor and needy patients in our hometown unremittingly throughout his entire life. As I grew
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At that time I was simply amazed by an idea about ‘How a radiologist can see through the patient’s body without picking up a scalpel? And how he/she comments on minute details?’. It seems he/she is surpassing the surgeon’s role here. I enjoyed radiology rotation during my Internship and decided to pursue my medical career in Diagnostic Radiology and consequently completed my Radiology residency in a busy Government Hospital in India. Reporting every case in radiology makes me feel like solving enthralling puzzles, and I really enjoy my secret role as a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in a healer stint. I can’t express enough of my serenity when I see the glowing face of an expecting mother when she catches first glimpse of her baby on Ultrasound machine. I also volunteered as a radiologist in various medical camps conducted by various organizations in rural and urban parts of India. Not only a good memory and excellent work ethics are my strengths but also I love to be a team member.
In the past, during my brief stay in the United States, while shadowing some eminent Radiologist in the Salt Lake City, I was impressed by the radiology work practices, research opportunities and cutting edge technology. I believe more in doing things than simply observing, so realized that the best way to get involved in such ambiance is to get enrolled in radiology residency in the

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