Narrative Essay On Hurricanes

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I went to Sterling Surgical Hospital for an abdominal ultrasound. The Ultrasound Technologist name is Shannon Risher. During the ultrasound I asked Shannon if I could talk to her right after we were done with my ultrasound. Shannon said, “She would be glad to!” Shannon is 41 years old from Metairie, Louisiana. She looked normal on the outside, but when she told me what happened it changed my perceptions about her. During 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit, she so happened to be the Ultrasound Technologist on call that weekend. She didn’t know what challenges she was about to face. Shannon worked at Mercy Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. When she left for work that Sunday morning, she was driving down Veterans Highway. Shannon said, …show more content…
Shannon said, “While waiting for somewhere to live, my family and I stayed at my aunt’s house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was finally about to get a job two months later in Mandeville, Louisiana. Shannon then mover to Madisonville, Louisiana. During Hurricane Katrina she said, “The hurricane was a devastating and rough time with no food, water, power, or sleep.” It was a day she would never forget. Even though Hurricane Katrina was 10 years ago she said,” it still feels like yesterday.
Since she told me about her story of Hurricane Katrina, I then wanted to know what she liked and disliked most about being an Ultrasound Technologist. She said, “The thing I like most about being an ultrasound technologist is working along the Radiologist.” She then said, “I dislike the fact that ergonomics is a tough practice when working in the hospital.” She also has a curve in her thoracic spine, due to leaning over patients to scan them. Shannon said, “Overall ultrasound is a great profession, you see and learn new things every day.” Shannon was an interesting person. It’s weird how someone can look normal on the outside and seem like the have the perfect life, but when you get to know them a little more it changes your perspectives about that person. She’s a good fighter, survivor, hard

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