Radiology Department Manager Research Paper

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I -Managerial Roles
List and describe the job duties for a department manager. In addition, create a job description profile for a radiology department manager.

Job duties for a Radiology Department Manager (RDM)

1. Directs and coordinates activities and procedures of radiology and diagnostic imaging.

2. Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

3. The RDM possess a working knowledge of the field's concepts, practices, quality control, quality assurance and interventional procedures. Broad knowledge of health care administration and functions as the admirative represented of the department.
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Responible for department personnel’s, training, scheduling, counseling, disciplining, mentoring, monitoring, reviewing, assigns new duties as necessary, also evaluation and compensation thereof.

7. Responsible for new hires. Oversees staff in operation of imaging equipment, such as portable and stationary x-ray machines, fluoroscope, CT scanner, and MRI equipment, nuclear medicine, and sonography.

8. The RDM ensures that procedures and policies meet the standards of the hospital, federal, state, and local authorities as well as The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), including Other accreditation bodies and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.

9. The RDM is responsible for planning, administers, and adjusting the department budget.

10. Determines need and cost of new or replacement equipment, cost estimates and budget recommendations while monitoring the expenditures of the department; capital and operational budgeting; identifies variances, and corrective actions for budgeting.

11. Evaluates accuracy and quality of images and provides technical assistance to staff. Demonstrates and implements new techniques, equipment, and
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The RDM develops a position description, identifies and list specific duties and responsibilities. Removes ambiguities from job responsibilities.

III. The RDM coordinates with human resources (HR) and develops a recruitment plan strategy for attracting and hiring the most qualified candidate.

IV. The RDM and HR selects at least six (6) search committee members. Committee members are knowledgeable of the recruitment and selection process and understand laws related to affirmative action and equal employment Opportunity.

V. The RDM advises HR to post the position and implement recruitment plan.

VI. The RDM, HR, and the committee members review applicants and develops a list of interest. Once approved by the RDM, the applicants can then be contacted for interviews.

VII. The RDM, HR, and the six (6) committee members conduct the Interviews.

VIII. The RDM, HR, and the committee members select the new hire, confident that the best candidate for the position was chosen based on qualifications and that the candidate will help to carry out the organization’s mission.

IX. The recruitment is finalized when the selected finalist accepts an offer made by the RDM and once an agreement is reached, the HR draws up the appropriate paperwork for

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