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  • Assignment 1: Interpersonal Communication Analysis

    person is intelligent, we are likely to infer this person also possesses other positive qualities like being hard working, studious, and aspirational. This set of rules can be helpful when quickly forming an impression of someone, although it can also lead to attributing qualities to a person that don’t even exist. This kind of distortion is what happened when I met the manager and is what’s called the ‘reverse halo effect’ – looking at a negative characteristic and then applying other negative characteristics to their personality. Upon meeting her for the first time and handing her my CV, her irritable attitude was a characteristic that stuck out most to me. When I thought back to her grumpy demeanour I began to form her personality based on this one quality. I inferred she would also be aloof, dishonest, cold, and condescending. As explained before, Coyle (1993) notes that a negative impression is very difficult to change once formed, even in the light of new positive information – as was the case with my experience. My negative perception of the manager was then intensified by the reverse halo effect. By using my personality theory and its distortions of the halo effect, I built on my impression of her by attributing my…

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  • Angulation In Radiology

    The term angulation when used in radiology refers to the direction and degree the X-ray tube is moved from its normal “start” position, which is always perpendicular to the to the IR in the Bucky tray. There are many projections that utilize tube angulation for various reasons. Many use it to avoid the superimposition of different anatomic structures. The reason angulation is used is to cause a controlled or expected amount of shape distortion. Shape distortion is altering the normal anatomic…

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  • Distortion Of Memory

    Memory is the encoding, storage and retrieval of past events and experiences, it is present in the short term memory store and then transferred to the long term memory store. The retrieval of memory isn’t always accurate as memories become distorted over time. The distortion of these memories are due to some influencing factors such as language, age, reconstructive errors and emotion. Taking all these factors into consideration leads to the point that memory is only to some extent reliable.…

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  • Distortion In Gulliver's Travel

    Gulliver’s journey through the different voyages portray how distorted as ‘creatures’ human beings are. Argue. The book Gulliver’s Travel was written by Jonathan Swift in 1726 as tale of a man’s adventures into mythical world and it is satirical novel. Swift purpose of his writing was not for literary art, but to create a political and social account that would optimistically lead to positive action to help improve the lives of people. As Gulliver travels he encounters extraordinary lands and…

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  • Wind Distortions Essay

    Harmonics: Harmonic distortions are injected at the generation as well as the consumer end. At the consumer end, harmonics are caused by nonlinear loads such as PCs, CFLs, electronic devices, etc. The harmonics distortion caused by non-linear load such as electric arc furnaces, large concentrations of arc discharge lamps, variable speed motors, saturation of magnetization of transformer and a distorted line current. The current generated by such loads will interact with power system impedance…

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  • Distortion Of The Use Of LSD In The 1980s

    The use of LSD dropped drastically in the 1980s but picked right back up in the 1990s. LSD was still being used for psychiatric use in Switzerland till 1993. After a few year it became more popular in nightclubs and all night raves being use by teens and young adults. 4. Now a days LSD is diffused into a small piece of paper then placed under the tongue until it is almost dissolved. According to “How to Psychedelics” LSD is also consumed in liquid and pill form. A few years ago it was also…

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  • Distortion In Decision Making

    Distortions in Decision Making Introduction Decision-making’s the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a course of action from alternative possibilities. It’s the study of identifying & choosing alternatives based on the values & preferences of the decision maker. It is the central activity of management & is a huge part of any process of implementation, (businessdictionary.com). This essay talks about decision making in financial terms. Distortions in making decisions lead us to make…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Abortion Distortion

    The Abortion Distortion It has been forty two years since the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, when abortion was legalized in all fifty states. In this nearly half a century, the American people have ruminated on the decision to a lengthy extent. Opposed to the court’s decision, many people still strive to impose new laws to prevent needy women from being able to exercise their rights. These opponents call themselves “pro-life” and attack liberty with irrelevant arguments, ignorant…

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  • Feed By M. T Anderson: Summary

    M.T Anderson uses this novel to show how current modern societal issues could expand and worsen. By writing this novel, M.T Anderson is giving an example of how the problem that are ignore or considered normal could turn into something that people now would see very big issues with. M.T Anderson has written this novel as a warning to the current society. The novel is saying that if people don’t start taking care and acknowledging the earth current stage of environmental health, that we will all…

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  • Photography Distortion Reality

    A Distorted Reality They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography, once used as a form of capturing memories, now serves as one of the biggest forms of communication. Photos have changed from being a source of freezing a moment to remember to actually becoming the moment. With the new types of media and the need to show off what is being done in a visual manner has resulted in people capturing a moment rather than living in it. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the evolution…

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