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  • The ER That Became The Emergency Case Study

    to be able to delivery quality care to patients. It will be a race game to get people in and out quickly in order to free up beds, nurses, and physicians. Con: Diverting patients could make them wait longer for care and put their lives in danger. “When the nearest hospital was on diversion for more than 12 hours per day, patients were significantly more likely to die than those whose local hospitals did not go on diversion.” CMH also runs the risk of burning its bridges with other hospitals by putting them in the same position as themselves. Diversifying income Pro: CMH can start charging visitors and patients for parking. You can charge patients for a deluxe room if they want nicer then average accommodations. Ralph can charge for getting premium TV channels instead of just basic channels. Con: Not enough patients may buy the upgrades and instead of gaining more profits Ralph will still be stuck in the same position he was in. Even if it had enough patients buy the upgrades it may not be a quick enough turn around to save the hospital from closing its doors. After the analysis of the pros and cons of each action, Ralph should go with the action of cutting costs/trimming waste. Although diversion can be an easy route, he may cause patients to die if he forces ambulances to drive further to another hospital. Diversifying his income can bring in good revenue but it may not have a quick enough turnaround time to save the hospital. With cutting costs/trimming waste he has…

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  • Diversion In Healthcare

    COMBATING DRUG DIVERSION IN HEALTHCARE Tiffany Johnson Metropolitan State University Introduction Despite numerous strides and advancements in modern medicine, the delivery of quality and effective health care remains a daunting task in both developed and developing countries. The nature of interpersonal relationships between caregivers or providers and the users of health and social care services dictates the degree to which effective service delivery is achieved. Even in high quality…

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  • Numeracy Diversions

    Finding online toy stores is simple. Basically sort an expression like this into your Search Engine of decision and you will be given pages of sites offering new, one of a kind, prominent, stylish and aggressively estimated products for youngsters. Needing the best for our young kids as they develop and create, implies that we are dependably on the search for endowments and diversions that join training and fun into their recess exercises. Fortunately, there are numerous online toy stores…

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  • Essay On Diversion And Probation

    Diversion and Probation Diversion programs are available to certain defendants who are classified as unable to comprehend the punitive system. This can be the mentally ill, or someone who would benefit from treatment other than imprisonment. According to Schmalleger and Ortiz Smykla (2015), Diversion is a program created where the accused chooses to participate by undergoing treatment, such as drug or alcohol, mental health services, employment counseling, and education and training. This…

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  • Essay On Diversion Programs

    look at the literature on diversion programs,the different types of programs, its effectiveness, and participation requirements. Youth in the juvenile justice system often reflect a variety of high-risk elements that include inadequate family support, school failure, negative peer groups, and lack of utilization of community-based services(NCJRS). In order to address some of these high risk elements, we typically divert the youth through the use of diversion programs. A diversion program can be…

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  • Diversion Criminal Justice

    Submit your answers to these questions in to Canvas no later than midnight of October 3rd (next Saturday). 1. One of the goals of diversion programs is to remove the offender from the criminal justice system as quickly as possible. Why is this an important concept? Diversion gives defendants a chance to escape the stigma of a criminal conviction. Having a offender charged with petty act that can be handled outside the court may subject that individual to having difficulty finding gainful…

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  • Diversion Program Research Paper

    I think I should be allowed to participate in the diversion program because this is the first ticket I have received: this includes speeding tickets, parking tickets, etc. I’m a well-rounded student and I made a mistake that I will not make again. I just graduated from Seaman High School with a 4.038 GPA, while also participating in extracurricular activities: National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletics, and Seaman High School Academic Recognition Program. I was also involved in a…

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  • Drug Diversion Danielle Wood Analysis

    In the article "Drug diversion," author Danielle Wood addresses the unlawful distribution of prescription drugs, their negative impact, and the methods to lower these occurrences with certain prevention strategies. Although these medical drugs are usually beneficial, people have found detrimental uses for them, particularly as abused narcotics. This article presents the ever-growing problem of drug diversion in an attempt to enlighten people on the hazardous impact it has and how to disrupt it.…

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  • Revenue Diversion Prohibition Case Study

    i. What are the exceptions to the revenue diversion prohibition: There are five exceptions to the prohibition – two grandfather exceptions and three special purpose exceptions. They are described below. (1) Airport Revenue Grandfather Exception: A Sponsor may use airport revenue for general purposes to the extent that covenants or assurances in debt obligations or governing statutes controlling the Sponsor’s financing that were in effect prior to September 3, 1982 provide for the use of…

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  • West Maui: The Depletion Of Water

    for decades is the diversion of water from streams for commercial farming and hotel water supply. For decades, the Hawaii Commercial and Sugar company has diverted water from streams in the West Maui mountains to sustain their crops and generate profit. Hotel corporations have also diverted water from these streams because they are located in a part of the island that does not receive adequate rain to supply water for tourists. Water diversions are detrimental because they deplete the water from…

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