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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prime Numbers

    Primes – the building blocks of all numbers: The dictionary meaning of prime is ‘Of first importance’ or ‘Of the best quality, excellent’ etc. What is so great about prime numbers? A number is said to be a prime if it is divisible only by 1 and itself. 5, for example, is a prime number because it is divisible only by 1 and 5. The number 4 can be divided by 1, 4 AND 2. So it is not a prime number. Numbers that are not primes are said to be composite numbers. The fundamental theorem of Arithmetic states that all numbers are either primes or a product of a unique combination of primes. So in a way the prime numbers are the building blocks for all numbers. Hence the name Prime. Prime numbers have various applications, but perhaps the best reason why Mathematicians study them is that they are extremely basic and mysterious at the same time. It’s amazing how little we know about primes after reflecting on them for thousands of years. Prime numbers were first studied extensively by Greek mathematicians. Euclid, a Greek Mathematician who lived around 300 BC and was known as the Father of Geometry, studied prime numbers in 300 BC. He demonstrated that there are an infinite number of primes. Even after 2000 years his proof stands as an excellent feat of deduction. As of February 2013, the largest known prime number is 257,885,161 − 1, a number which has 17,425,170 digits! Several important results in prime numbers had been proved by the time Euclid’s theorem appeared. Eratosthenes,…

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  • Classroom Misconceptions

    Note: As you begin to insert your responses to the prompts found in this document, please be sure to save it frequently, (and note the location of the file) so as to not lose any of your work. Once completed, you will submit this document to WGU for grading. Instruct What student misconceptions have you encountered related to fraction, decimal, and percentage concepts? How do you help students understand the notion of equivalence among fractions or prepare them for this understanding? One…

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  • 206EDU: Teaching Interview

    206EDU_Final Project_Teaching Interview My teaching philosophy; What makes learning difficult is student’s belief that Math is boring, Math is impossible and Math is irrelevant. Therefore, my teaching philosophy is three fold; Make Math interesting, Make Math possible, Make Math relevant. Questions: Q.1. What grade and subject do you want to teach? (Elementary teachers do not need to discuss ‘subject ') A. I want to teach Grade 6 Mathematics. Q.2. Why do you want to teach this grade level?…

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  • Anurupyara Case Study

    4.3 ANURUPYENA (Ekadhikina Purvena) COROLLARY: Anurupyena (means Proportion) Meaning: By one more than the previous one Anurupyena Sutra is a specific method of division in Vedic Mathematics which shows how to divide numbers when Nikhilam and Paravartya are not applicable. Specific Condition Required: _ As we know the meaning of Anurupyena (as proportion/ratio), we multiply/divide by factor to make divisor closer to larger number (To apply Nikhilam) OR to make closer to smaller number (To apply…

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  • Analysis Of The Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock

    It typically inhabits the lower and middle forest levels but, when hungry, can be found foraging in the canopy for fruit. Generally shy, it tends to avoid contact with humans, and to see one in the wild is a true treat. Like many birds, the Andean cock-of-the-rock exhibits major sexual dimorphism, with the males possessing a prominent crest on their heads that threaten to engulf their faces. This permanent fashionable “hat” is all the rage with the much-drabber females and is used in mating…

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  • Pt1420 Unit 1 Essay

    7th degree polynomial, given that at least one root is a complex number? Answer: If the equation is 7th degree then it has 7 roots. Those roots can be complex or real. Complex roots always come in pairs, so if it has one, then it has 2, the other one being the conjugate of the first one. This in other words, if one complex root is a + bi, then the other complex root is a – bi. If at least one root were complex, then we would have a minimum of 2 complex roots with a maximum of 5 real roots. The…

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  • Frrayer Model Effect The Improvement Of Math Vocabulary

    teaching the meanings of words and their elements. I chose math vocabulary because it seems to be the most difficult for them. There is so much more to math than just numbers. Most students tend to think that studying vocabulary is meant for other subjects, like reading and English. The Georgia Milestones Math portion is heavy laden with math vocabulary. Math vocabulary is important for students to understand when completing homework, taking test, and being successful on state assessments.…

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  • Efficient Market Hypothesis Essay

    is a stock index in which each stock influences the index in proportion to its price per share. Price-weighted index value: Price weighted index value= (Sum of prices)/(Number of stocks) (40+60+20)/3=$40 The most serious bias of price-weighted indices and the reason why most stocks don’t use the price-weighting method today is the fact that in price-weighting indices the stocks that nominally have higher share price have the greatest impact. An example of the price-weighted index is the…

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  • Case Study Paul Dulderon's Retirement Plan

    year. Treas. Reg. § 1.401(a)(9)-2, A-6(a). For each of these distributions, the code provides a required minimum distribution (RMD) amount that must be made every year. If an owner of the plan is alive on the required distribution date, the required minimum distribution is calculated by dividing the account balance present at the end of the previous calendar year by the owner’s “applicable distribution period.” To calculate the applicable distribution period (ADP), the IRS has provided account…

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  • Categories Of Antonyms

    ANTONYM: Definition: A word having a meaning opposite to that of another. Antonyms are of three Types. Antonym is the opposite of synonym. Adjective: antonymous. Antonym is the sense relation that exists between words which are opposite in the meaning. Antonym is most commonly found (though not exclusively) among adjectives. Categories of Antonyms There are three categories of antonyms: Graded antonyms deal with levels of the meaning of the words, like if something is not “good”, is may still…

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