206EDU: Teaching Interview

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206EDU_Final Project_Teaching Interview
My teaching philosophy; What makes learning difficult is student’s belief that Math is boring, Math is impossible and Math is irrelevant. Therefore, my teaching philosophy is three fold; Make Math interesting, Make Math possible, Make Math relevant.
Q.1. What grade and subject do you want to teach? (Elementary teachers do not need to discuss ‘subject ')
A. I want to teach Grade 6 Mathematics.
Q.2. Why do you want to teach this grade level? A. Mathematics is the subject mostly little kids find difficult. But if you build a strong base, they will not find it difficult in future. I want to teach Grade 6 Mathematics because I want to start right from the first year of middle school so that
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What will occur in your independent practice phase?
A. I will encourage collaborative learning in my classroom. I will teach my students to interact productively with each other. I will observe my students level of mastery in the concept I taught and will provide focused support for the students needing extra help to reach the learning goals.
Q.4d. What are other components of your lesson that will impact student achievement?
A. I will encourage my students to use technology to enhance their learning. By introducing them to the Khanacademy.com website and creating their individual logins, I will encourage them to practice at home as well. I will be able to help them by looking at their indivdual dashboards and that will impact their achievement.
Q.5. Describe your classroom 's physical appearance? (Provide visual examples) A. I will have my classroom divided into two sections. One will be traditional rows of desks overlooking the board but wider rows, so that everyone is closer to the board and there are no blind spots. Second section will be a carpeted area near to the Smart Board, where kids will sit to learn a new concept and for watching videos. This way they are closer to the interactive
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What is your system for classroom management?
A. I will keep my classroom in an orderly manner and encourage my students follow the rules of the school and classroom. This is necessary to build a discipline among students and create an effective learning environment to motivate them to focus on learning.
Q.10. How would you incorporate technology in your classroom?
A. Incorporating technology in a Mathematics class is very important. I would like to introduce my students to Khanacademy.com website, creating their individual logins on that website so that they can practice every concept at home as well and I can help them by looking at their dashboards if they are finding any concept difficult. This will help me in keeping a track of every student’s performance.
However, to make my class more interesting I will incorporate interactive Smart Board and animated videos in everyday lessons.
Q.10a. As part of your answer to this question you MUST include a link to a YouTube video that you would show the students in your classroom.
I have included two videos on the lesson of Greatest Common Factor and Least Common

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