Greatest common divisor

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  • Classroom Misconceptions

    fractions, decimals, and percentages. Students need to understand that fractions, decimals, and percentages are equivalent ways of writing the same quantity. Students need good examples of these concepts in various practical contexts so they can make the connections between these areas. Write the fractions illustrated below in order from least to greatest. Then, explain: 1. why the fraction with the greater denominator is less, when the numerators are the same 2. why the fraction with the greater numerator is greater, when the denominators are the same Fraction from least to greatest: 1/5,2/5,2/3 Fractions that has a bigger denominator with the same numerator is less because the pieces (numerator)that are divided are larger. Fractions that has a greater numerator and the same denominator is greater because if the denominators of two fractions are the same, the fraction with the largest numerator is the larger fraction Model How can manipulatives be used to find a common denominator for fractions with unlike denominators? 1/3 1/3 Manipulatives such as fractions strips is a great tool to use to help find a common denominator for fractions with unlike denominators. When students have a variety of fractions strips of different pieces, they can see which fraction strips will fit into both fractions. For example, you have 1/4+2/3 ¼ 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 These fractions strips help the student see that fractions…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prime Numbers

    Primes – the building blocks of all numbers: The dictionary meaning of prime is ‘Of first importance’ or ‘Of the best quality, excellent’ etc. What is so great about prime numbers? A number is said to be a prime if it is divisible only by 1 and itself. 5, for example, is a prime number because it is divisible only by 1 and 5. The number 4 can be divided by 1, 4 AND 2. So it is not a prime number. Numbers that are not primes are said to be composite numbers. The fundamental theorem of Arithmetic…

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  • 206EDU: Teaching Interview

    classroom? A. Incorporating technology in a Mathematics class is very important. I would like to introduce my students to website, creating their individual logins on that website so that they can practice every concept at home as well and I can help them by looking at their dashboards if they are finding any concept difficult. This will help me in keeping a track of every student’s performance. However, to make my class more interesting I will incorporate interactive Smart…

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  • The Sport Of Women's Sport: Softball

    Softball What started out as a men’s football game in Chicago, Thanksgiving day of 1887, lead to the greatest women’s sport, softball. At the end of the Yale football game, brooms were being used as “bats” to hit boxing gloves that were being thrown. There may be a lot of women’s sports, but what makes softball the best of them all? Is it because it was a sport that generated from one of the manliest sports? Or was it because of how it has changed tremendously throughout the years? Years ago…

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  • Personal Essay: Should I Answer Myself?

    When I initially read this essay prompt, I figured it would be a simple task to answer it effectively. I mean, what could be easier than writing about yourself, right? However, as I contemplated what my answer would be, I realized that it is not quite as simple as I had first thought. There are many aspects of “who” a person is. Should I answer it in a personality context or should I be focusing on my likes and dislikes? Should I place a heavy emphasis on my spiritual journey and viewpoints…

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  • Achieving A Degree In English Literature

    Bridging Assignment When I leave sixth form I would like to move on to university for three years to do a degree in English Literature. From there, I haven’t decided what career I would like to do, but I am hoping starting my A-Levels at Post 16 will show me what I enjoy, and what my strengths are. I would like a career that I find enjoyable and very rewarding, and one that I can progress in so that I have something to work for. The requirements for a degree in English Literature at universities…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

    doing what is necessary to pass the class and be successful. This has made me lose focus of what is needed to be done rather than what I want to do. I 'm determined to overcome my weakness and turn it into a strength and become the greatest I can be. Procrastination has made me uncertain of myself and how well I can perform as a student. Second, perseverance has helped me grow as a student and help me get work done with a great attitude in mind. It makes me strive for that goal of an A in the…

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  • Indian Star Restaurant Analysis

    ¬¬¬Restaurants play an important role in most countries as they provide various facilities like employment, entertainment and services to the community. In Rotorua one of the Best choices of restaurant for dinning is the Indian Star Restaurant which is located on Tutanekai Street. Indian Star Restaurant is a Restaurant which encourages you to come back again for its mouthwatering food. This Essay will include the following aspects related to the Background of Indian star Restaurant ,what…

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  • My Family Ethos

    Always choose quality over quantity. This notion is constantly repeated to myself and my siblings by my parents. I’ve made mistakes in regards to who I’ve picked to trust and bring into my life thankfully I’ve learned my lessons and have been blessed to be currently surrounded by individuals that I know I will love and cherish my entire life. I’ve been hurt and betrayed by people I once considered my friends, I have learned the importance of having good honest people surrounding me the hard way.…

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  • Gurveen Dhillon Character Analysis

    University town is always full of college town kids running around and there is never a dull moment. (Grace is the main provider for Leigh and is also responsible for the household groceries and making sure Leigh is fended to. Along with taking care of Leigh, she also has the responsibility of making fending for herself as well). The reason why Grace, my best friend always has to provide for me is because I am lacking money and I recently just lost my job. So till I get back onto my feet, she…

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