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  • Best Interpretation Essay

    This essay looks to discuss my assumption that the best interpretation of a work of literature is the author’s intention for the work, as it is the basis for the work. This paper criticises this assumption as it does not allow for a sufficient understanding of literature and since there is no way to prove that there is a best interpretation. The paper offers a new assumption to alleviate these problems which states that a set of interpretations which have sufficient textual evidence are the best interpretations of any work of literature. The first problem with this assumption, is that is doesn’t allow for a sufficient understanding of literature. The assumption states that the best interpretation is that of the author’s intention. As such, it implies that to know what a piece of literature is about is to know this interpretation. Since it is the best interpretation, it should best explain what the work of literature is about. However, if there is a best interpretation we know that there must also be other interpretations. Reading with the goal of obtaining the author’s intention, makes it so that these other interpretations can be overlooked, as they do not define the work to the same standard of the best interpretation. But reading like this makes it so that we do not sufficiently understand literature. Literature is a written work that brings together numerous values and ideas. All of these aspects help make the literature what it is. By only reading for the best…

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  • Hills Like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway Analysis

    did what was best for his image instead of his family. Instead of loving his family unconditionally he washed his hands clean now he is the one all alone because of it. In our second story is kind of a similar setting but with completely different outcomes. “The only man on Liberty Street” by William Kelly is a simple story about a white man named Maynard, Who decided to follow his heart and leave his wife to live with his mistress and daughter named Jennie on Liberty Street. Seems fair enough…

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  • Analysis Of Trauma Junkkie By Janice Hudson

    A mindset or emotional support is often overlooked. Anyone who wants to succeed, but tends to stumble knows this well. Everyone wants to be the best there ever was in a certain profession, unfortunately those who want to succeed occasionally have distractions which cause them to “screw up” that take over his or her ability to put the past behind them and notice the flowers blooming outside. In Janice Hudson’s memoir Trauma Junkie, Hudson takes her reader on a series of CLASTAR (California…

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  • Student Strengths And Weaknesses

    All three students have strengths in being very observant in class. This notifies me that I need to engage the class is a discussion. A debate or Socratic seminar might work best for this class and especially these three students because of how vocal they are. However, their weaknesses and the ways in which these three learn are very different. I would never be able to pair Aiden and Logan because Aiden is dependent on another person, and Logan is independent and works best by working alone.…

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  • Essay On Personal Goals

    Purpose is demonstrated through the way a person lives their life, the goals they set, and consequently their psyche. More importantly, my “Purpose Paper” goes over my long term goals, short term goals, and what will result after they are achieved. Briefly my goals all fall into one finish line, academically get my college degree in order to pursue a career that’s stable to support my personal life with family friends etc. It’s been embedded into our central intelligence to follow the strict…

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  • Free College Admissions Essays: Who Am I?

    Who Am I ? “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss once wrote this poem which was music to my ears growing up. It fascinated me to think that in this gigantic world filled with 7 billion people that I was the only Amanda A Laryea to ever walk its surface. Until about 8 years later on a random Facebook search, I found about four other individuals who share my name. However, our similar names do not connote similar personality…

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  • Why I Want To Be An Elementary Teacher?

    Introduction It is widely accepted in the Christian faith that mankind is created in the image of God. When an individual believes this, they can use their understanding of this doctrine to determine how to interact with people in their day-to-day lives. After I graduate, my goal is to become an Elementary Teacher. As a teacher I will interact with my students, other teachers, administration, and my students’ parents/guardians. I think it is also important to know how to interact appropriately…

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  • Successful Manager Interview Questions

    people are going to disagree in something but I am a strong believer on being slow to speak and fast to listen. For example, I recently had a conflict with my manager at my current job because I had asked her in advance for a day off and it was approved, but once the schedule came out, I was schedule to work that day. I calmly went to her office and I brought it up to her attention, she explained to me that she really needed that day and I was upset because I needed to have that day off to…

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  • Social Work Interview Questions

    1) Initial purpose of the meeting: I am a social worker with the public housing agency. I have been assigned to interview all of the resident 's of this building to determine the social need of the residents. This public housing agency cares sincerely about their resident and want to make sure that they are doing the best they can at meeting the needs of the residents. May I ask you a couple of questions? Social work roles: The text was not clear about the roles of the social worker, beside to…

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  • A Good Mom Research Paper

    I believe a good mother is a woman who is always there for you no matter what. She will be there through all the good and bad. A good mother will treat you like the most important person and could do anything for you. She will support you and always be someone you can turn to for advice. A good mother is hardworking and understanding. A good mother will show you unconditional love and affection but also show discipline. My mother is one good mother who does every single thing that was listed…

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