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  • Water Hardness Essay

    soil and rock. While doing so, divalent amounts of cations from mineral sources dissolve into the water supply (USGS). Water hardness is not harmful to people’s health. In fact, these minerals can be beneficial, as humans need minerals to survive. However, water hardness begins to cause problems when it comes its constant use in the home and in appliances. For instance, when the water is heated, it forms solid deposits of calcium carbonate. This type of mineral build-up can decrease the lifespan and efficiency of…

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  • Essay On Hardness Of Water

    an important resource needed for our subsistence & is required on a global level. The various hydrologic cycles are necessary in order to preserve the balance of our ecosystem. Thus, good quality water is necessary for our survival. Chemical & biological composition are two criteria for evaluating water quality. Water hardness can be defined by the presence of divalent cations dissolved in a water sample. The divalent cations usually present are Ca2+ & Mg2+ and these cations bestow chemical…

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  • Competency Of Bacterial Cells

    This form of competency is not encoded in the cells genes like in natural transformation, instead it is created in the laboratory and forced upon the cells. Scientists will do this with chemicals and pulses of electricity. To create competency with chemicals scientist will typically use the divalent method which involves incubating, or keeping the cells at a suitable temperature, while being exposed to divalent ions, such as calcium chloride over ice (Timothy, 2016). The purpose here is to…

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  • Calcium Research Paper

    explained above). A net negative charge can be created, which is the common charge amongst NZ soils. Opposite charges attract, therefore, cations will be attracted to the soil surface, not anions (like charges repel). This is electrostatic attraction, which will cause cation exchange. Cation exchange is the exchange between the cations held on the soil colloid surface and the soil solution. Since Calcium is a cation (Ca2+), this will be attracted to the anions. Furthermore, because Calcium is a…

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  • Gelatin Case Study

    Two important factors which contribute to the delayed healing of diabetic wounds are infection and over expression of Matrix Metalloprotease (MMPs). The MMPs are a set of proteases which play a major role in extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling in case of normal wound healing. However when over expressed these MMPs tend to delay the wound healing process by degrading the newly formed ECM. It is observed that the MMPs are highly over expressed in case of diabetic wounds. Alendronate is a…

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  • How Does Agnps Enhance Luminol Fluorescence

    Both divalent cations enter the plant’s roots via macro-sized nutrient pores and continue through the plant by two modes of transportation: apoplastic and symplastic pathways. The apoplastic pathway is the non-selective pathway that silver also uses to move between the cells. This is only restricted by any interactions with the cell membranes lining this pathway. The symplastic pathway utilizes ionic channels and protein pumps [15]. For cellular uptake of strontium and calcium, cells may use…

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  • The Effects Of Lead In The Body

    One of the qualities of lead that make it one of the most highly studied heavy metals is its ability to enter and distributes into the body’s organ systems. Inorganic lead is absorbed by coming into contact with the skin, ingestion, and inhalation.* It is debated whether ingestion of lead or inhalation of lead caused the most significant damage and which one occurs more frequently. The physiological effects of lead can be seen soon after exposure. The uptake of lead in the body is influenced by…

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  • Chlorhexidine Derivatives Lab Report

    which in turn results in changing the alginate properties and functions. The molecular weight of commercially available sodium alginates range between 32,000 and 400,000 g/mol. [2] Alginate are particularly attractive in wound healing, drug delivery, cosmetics, and tissue engineering applications, since they are biomaterials, inert and do not interact with biological systems, and depending on the cross-linker types and cross-linking methods can the drug molecules, from small chemical drugs to…

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  • Alkaline Phosphatase Research Paper

    Alkaline phosphatase (AP) is a homodimeric enzyme complex that is commonly found in a wide range of organisms, from bacteria to all tissues of the human body. AP is a zinc metalloenzyme (1), in which metal ions play a key role in the regulation of catalytic activities and stabilization of enzyme-substrate complex. As proposed by Gettins and Coleman using NMR studies (10), each active site of AP comprises of three metal binding sites, which acknowledged as M1, M2, and M3. Two zinc ions bind to…

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  • The Importance Of Turbidity And Atomic Spectroscopy

    acetylene gas these atoms are reduced to unexcited ground state which absorbs electromagnetic radiation of characteristic wavelength. Instrument contain light sensitive sensor which emits current according to light falling on them. For test calibration of instrument was done and sample were fed by hose into flame. System used was fully automated and result were acquired on computer monitor [2]. 4. CHEMICALS REAGENTS & STANDARDS: BOD5 is measured by titration method on day 0 and on day 5.10ml…

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