Radiology Personal Statement

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Through fumes of vaporized solder and copper wire, the diode flashed on. After weeks, my Bluetooth stethoscope had finally connected and was working like I had envisioned. The project started with a simple goal of hearing the same murmurs my preceptor heard during a cardiology rotation, but ended up answering an imperative question about my medical future. Radiology is my number one career choice because it incorporates my personal interests and compliments my individual strengths. I am attracted to this field because of the intellectual challenges involved with making an accurate diagnosis. In addition, radiology provides a unique opportunity to explore emerging technology and solve existing medical problems. Apart from my personal interest, the major skills that distinguish me as a candidate are my work ethic, ability to communicate, and passion for innovation.
My greatest asset is my work ethic. In medical school I was voted “Most Likely to Live in The Library”, because I actually did. On a particularly stinging night during an unseasonably frigid winter, my
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The radiologists I’ve come to know find great satisfaction in accurate diagnoses and good treatments, and my personality fits well with this. I am seeking a residency program that has a high patient volume and a diverse population that will challenge me to continually develop my diagnostic skills. I am a capable and hardworking applicant that is comfortable in communication and able to preserve through challenges. My upbringing has taught me to be inquisitive and creative, and my past experiences have prepared me for the physical and intellectual demands of residency. It is with great enthusiasm that I embark in this upcoming chapter in my medical career, and I am confident that I will receive the training required to become a humble, caring and competent osteopathic

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