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  • Perceval's Room: A Fictional Narrative

    Perceval moved to chase after her, but suddenly realized he wore next to nothing, and unless he wanted to be tackled by the castle guard and tossed into the dungeons for indecency, he needed to dress. He raced around the room frantically, collecting his things all while shouting at Elora. The woman sat in bed, pouting, her arms crossed over her naked bosom. “Get the fuck out of my bed, will you?” bellowed Perceval, nearly apoplectic with rage, as he yanked up his trousers and slipped his feet into his boots. Right then, Gawain stepped into the room, his eyes skimming the scene. “Could someone clarify what’s going on in here?” asked Gawain. “You’re making quite the racket.” Perceval laced his boots. “This fucking bitch” – he jammed his thumb in Elora’s direction – “turned up in my bed, naked! You know nothing wakes me, so I never heard a thing. Joan walked in, and now she thinks I am fucking this whore. I have to go find my wife and explain.” Gawain’s eyes widened with shock, but he recovered quickly and glared at Elora. “Didn’t you hear him?” said Gawain. “He said get out of his bed. And cover yourself, woman. No one wants to look at you.” He stepped forward and picked up her discarded cloak from a chair and tossed it at her. Elora shrugged into it reluctantly. Gawain turned to Perceval. “I’ll keep her here until you retrieve your wife and this little witch explains the truth, which she will do.” Gawain cast Elora a threatening glance, and she shrank back. Perceval…

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  • Divergent: A Fictional Narrative

    I looked at my ragged blue clothes, knowing that I wasn’t where I belong. Tris and Tobias were leaving, and I wouldn’t be going with. Looking at my sister, I saw how much she could help the world. “Are you guys ready to go?” Tobias walked up with his usual swagger. “I’m not going with you guys.” I began to lie about why I would not come with them. Tris engulfed me in a hug. While waving goodbye, I watched them walk off; I turned around and began walking toward the tall glass building that…

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  • Leo And Calypso Summary Chapter 2

    Leo stood at the helm of the Argo II. He was thinking about Calypso, obviously. He thought about the things he and Aphrodite had talked about a few days ago. Aphrodite slowly led him into the dining hall and then she sat down regally on one of the chairs. "Sit down," She said to him with a smile on her face. As Leo slowly sat down on the edge of one of the chairs, she ran her hand through her long auburn curls. "You know Leo, you and Calypso make a good couple." She looked at him an amused…

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  • A Cultural Comparison: 2 + 2 = 5 By Radiohead

    A Cultural Comparison: “2 + 2 = 5” by Radiohead For many centuries, art has been a medium through which writers and musicians have chosen to express their political views and opinions on the world around them. One of the world’s most celebrated political writers, George Orwell, strongly influenced culture, including music, with his dystopian novel 1984. The 80s English alternative rock band, Radiohead, was inspired by the book’s commentary on what the world will look like in the future and wrote…

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  • Get Out Before Saturday Analysis

    Stanley Donwood’s Get Out Before Saturday is a painting with several subtle symbols referencing, in my interpretation, a post-apocalyptic landscape. In this paper, I will be investigating and attempting to prove that Donwood’s inspiration for the piece stems from humankind’s deterioration of the planet through our ideological shortcomings in regards to both the environment, and global politics. Furthermore, I will be addressing my belief that Donwood intends to issue a warning through the…

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  • Nineteen Eighty-Four Analysis

    This along with the first two idyllic verses, which seemingly discourage free thought, supports the idea that music and other forms of art can be used as propaganda, much like the Party composes songs, literature, and movies that align with their beliefs and in doing so are able to consistently control society and discourage rebellion. Radiohead also makes reference to the other ways that the Party controls society; the use of repetition is another way that the Party is able to influence…

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  • Harry Patch Poem Analysis

    two poems discussed are “Dulce et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen and “Harry Patch (In Memory of)” by the rock band Radiohead. These two poems have one common theme -- war. Wilfred Owen’s poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” which translates to “It is sweet and right” is a poem about a proud soldier and his perspective during a nighttime battle in World War One (WWI). The platoon of soldiers is moving on the front from one location of the trenches to the next for safe haven from enemy attacks. While…

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  • Ophelia's Love In Hamlet

    and Hamlet. Then the Norwegian Prince (Fortinbras) takes over because everyone is dead. (Plot Overview, 2016) Film Adaptations Since Hamlet is such a popular play, there has been tons of movies with relation to Hamlet. There has been over 50 films made relating to Hamlet since 1900. Including some of the most popular like, Laurence Olivier’s 1948 version which won Best Picture Oscar but simplifies the play. Since the play of Hamlet is so long most of the movie versions are cut or shortened,…

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  • 1984 In The Giver And 1984 By Lois Lowry

    people is to be chosen to learn therefore teach about their world, as everyone is brainwashed into knowing nothing. Another connection Equality 7-2521 and Winston share is their secret place of writing. Since both worlds are intensely watched by their council, or government, they hide their records of writings and knowledge. Nevertheless, Equality 7-2521 alongside Winston believed they could change their government and divert from the Unitarian society. In the end, Winston was unfortunately…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Thank You Letter

    window might be closed for you), Car Seat Headrest. They recently released their second album Teens Of Denial, which I think you will really like. It’s a really sweet rock album that if you can only check out one albums due to your busy schedule I’d recommend this one, it’s actually got some really interesting messages in it that are not typical for the genre, such as one song that is a commentary on drunk driving and a general cynicism associated with today’s partying society. It’s a self-aware…

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