Oral and maxillofacial surgery

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  • Dentist Research Paper

    reading an article from adldentallabs, I discovered plentiful tasks that dentists execute. First, they detect different oral diseases varying from gingivitis to hypertension. Second, diagnosing problems affecting their lips, tongue, jaw, and teeth could save a patient from receiving dentures. Third, they perform cosmetic procedures that physically improve a patient’s appearance such as braces or whitening agents, which results in more self-confidence. Fourth, restoring people’s oral cavities by performing surgery. This can be somewhat painful, hence dentists dispense…

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  • Dentist Research Paper Topics

    What are dentists? A dentist is part of the health care team who specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disorders and diseases of the mouth, gums and teeth. Just like other doctors, a dentist can have a choice to run their own business or clinic by themselves, or with a support staff. A dental team usually includes a dental assistant, dental hygienist, and dental technician. In some states, a dental therapist is also included on the team. How to become a dentist? Dentists are…

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  • Prosthetic Dentistry

    dentistry is a part of dental surgeries, which focuses the dental prostheses. The branch belongs to a group of nine specializations, which are recognized by the ADA (American Dental Association) with other authorities like the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. The branch includes the method of diagnosis, planning, replacement, and maintenance of the Oral health in the context to comfort the loss of the teeth, tissues by implanting the…

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  • Endodontics Personal Statement

    practice. I am eager to learn more about new techniques and approaches to treatment through didactic and practical training in a residency program. Moreover, I want to upgrade my knowledge in the applications of advanced technology and learn to conduct contemporary research. Earning an MS degree will help fulfill my aspiration of a career in academics and serve as a stepping stone in achieving professional as well as personal satisfaction. The field of Endodontics has…

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  • Dental Camps Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Dental camp As a dentist, I believe oral health is equally important as overall health. Mouth act as window for the passage of everything that goes in to stomach and often serving as a vantage point for detecting the early signs and symptoms of many systemic disease. So, it is very important to do routine checkups for the better health status of an individual. MY SMILE clinic is committed to provide our patients with quality and comprehensive dental care treatment. Clinic was…

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  • The Real-Time Reflection On Sahara Dental

    Raed AlQahtani Real-Time Reflecting: Sahara Dental 1. How is the internship experience consistent with your academic knowledge and coursework? The internship experience may not be entirely consistent with my personal academic skills and knowledge as I am training academically as a software engineer however, this is a dental facility. Nevertheless, it’s to be noted that the kind of work that I was hired or performed did indeed give me a practical approach to what I was learning academically to be…

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  • Example Of A Narrative Essay On Becoming A Dentist

    This ambition has given me the objectivity to address my academic challenges and discipline myself to overcome those challenges as a post-bac student. I am confident that I have grown into a better dental applicant and I feel ready to gain the knowledge and training to serve others as a dental professional. It is my hope that your institution can see this in me and provide me with the knowledge and skill to serve the oral health needs of domestic and international communities. In the future, I…

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  • Dental Specialties Essay

    The Amazing Specialties Dental Has to Offer Over the years we have seen a variety of cases in the dental office. Anywhere from very misaligned teeth, broken teeth, abnormalities in the gingiva, root canals, cavities, to all 32 teeth missing. Therefore resulting in different dentists needing to invest time to specialize in each aspect, so that each dental problem could be solved to its full extent. As time went on specialties started to rise and many dentists would specialize in each profession.…

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  • Essay On Dental Implantology

    students are provided with the necessary academic skills to adjust to the demands of the clinical environment, while helping them to develop effective study habits. The review of literature showed that the trend of including the undergraduate implant dentistry curricula has increased owing to the revision of standards. The key outcome of this research was the fact that dental implant education in the undergraduate level is a multidisciplinary approach and there is not an independent…

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  • Autogenous Tooth Transplant Case Study

    An appropriate case selection and consideration of all biological aspects leads to a better out come in ATT. The preservation of PDl is necessary for survival of the transplanted tooth and may result with ankylosis or rejection (8). Aim: The aim of this case report is to demonstrate a successful replacement of grossly decayed untreatable second mandibular molar tooth with its adjacent completely developed third mandibular molar. Case Report: A 22-year-old female had reported…

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