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  • Orange Juice Crisis Case Study

    Case Study: Orange Juice Crisis, or Maybe Not Introduction Due to the speculation of decreased orange juice supply, orange juice futures jumped 1.5% for January 2016, according to the New York based global commodity trading organization Intercontinental Exchange® (ICE®) (Perez, 2015). The basis for this claim is the proliferation of a century-old disease that is expected to devastate the worlds’ orange juice supply in the coming years (Perez, 2015). The disease, known as Huanglongbing (HLB), or “citrus greening,” is caused by the Asian citrus psyllid insect. The insect spreads the disease as it moves from tree to tree, eating the branches and leaves. Once the disease manifests itself in the tree, it molests the unripe fruit, resulting in…

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  • Orange Juice Experiment

    In order to get precise quantitative data, I chose to use a titration method to find the ascorbic acid content in juices. The specific technique that I chose to use is the iodine solution method. Despite there being many other viable options to this titration process, I chose the iodine solution method because the color change is easiest to detect when using juices. The other tests are simple when using clear solutions, but on juices, the color change 000166-XXX 6 is not as apparent due to the…

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  • Orange: Carrot Juice

    Colorful Apple-Orange-Carrot Juice Serving size: 1 cup Serving per recipe: 3 Calories: 161 Making time: 11 min Ingredients: 1. Water- 120 ml, cold 2. Orange- 1, sliced in half and peeled 3. Apple- ½, peeled and cored 4. Carrot- 1, peeled and halved 5. Ice cubes- 130 g, approximately 1 cup Nutritional information: 1. Carbohydrate- 17 g 2. Protein- 1 g 3. Fiber- 3 g 4. Fat- 0 g 5. Sugar- 30 g Instructions: 1. Put all the ingredients in the Vitamix container and tightly secure the lid. 2.…

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  • Orange Juice Party

    with the Video at YouTube and Twitter (Coffee Party USA); they currently have 166817 friends on Facebook. This party is brand new and is pushing to unite rather than divide, through diversity. (Facebook-The Coffee Party) If you are not into the brew ha ha, then maybe you prefer your political party, freshly squeezed. Dare I tell you that there is also an orange juice movement or at least the threat of one? The Orange Juice Party On March 16th 2010, Jack A Silva, posts on his Blog the…

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  • Orange Juice Markets

    Financial Market The financial market includes markets in which funds are transferred from people who have an excess of available funds to people who have a shortage. • With weather being around freezing through parts of Florida analysts are worried that Orange Juice corp. will suffer. The orange juice future rose 10% in the past week. Traders are still anticipating a short production because of a disease and fruit sizes being smaller than usual. • After the deep water horizon disaster, oil…

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  • Orange Juice Research Paper

    BENEFITS OF ORANGE JUICE: Orange juice is the extract juice from the fresh oranges. It benefits our health due to the presence of high nutritional contents in it. Orange juices are famous for its high content of vitamin C and it gives the required quantity of vitamin C for the complete daytime. It doesn’t cause any stomach problems since it has zero cholesterol. According to the US Department, Orange juice is considered to be the most common fruit juice consumed by the Americans. NUTRITIONAL…

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  • Essay On Orange Juice Experiment

    Discussion According to the hypothesis, the fresh Navel orange juice was expected to have a higher concentration of vitamin C than Coles orange juice However, according to the results, as seen in Graph 2, Coles Orange juice had higher concentration of vitamin C compared to the Fresh Navel orange juice, and contradicted the hypothesis. From Graph 2, at 8oC, Coles orange juice had 19.7% higher concentration of vitamin C than fresh navel orange juice, because fresh juice had 15.62mg/100mL, whereas…

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  • The Brazilian Orange Juice Market

    Background Orange juice has been one of the most popular breakfast beverages that all ages drink. Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of both oranges and orange juice, with more than 95% of its production is sold abroad and the majority of it in the form of orange juice. As regards the consumption of orange juice, Europe and the US are the world’s two largest markets. The biggest threat to Brazilian orange producers is that orange juice has become less popular in Europe and the US as a result…

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  • Squeezed Orange Juice Case Study

    life and quality of a food product (Fellers 1988; Simforian et al 2015). Microbial spoilage is the main reason that causes off flavours, changes in appearance of the juice and the degradation of vitamin C and they are the few important quality aspects in freshly squeezed orange juice (Martin-Diana et al 2009). Most of the fruits have a general bacterial counts of 1 x 104 cm2 on their surfaces before being processed and cleaning (Reddy et al 2009). The greatest problem in the commercialised…

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  • Orange Juice Case Study

    In addition, some of our ingredients, such as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, saccharin and ascorbic acid, as well as some of the packaging containers, such as aluminum cans, are available from a limited number of suppliers, some of which are located in countries experiencing political or other risks. We cannot assure you that we and our bottling partners will be able to maintain favorable arrangements and relationships with these suppliers. The citrus industry is subject to the…

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