Oral cancer

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  • Essay On Oral Cancer

    There are about 40,000 cases of oral cancers diagnosed in the United States every year and it will cause over 8,650 deaths. The death rate for oral cancer is greater than cervical and endocrine cancers. Of those 40,000 cases, only slightly more than half will be alive in 5 years. Oral cancer is a cancer that begins in the mouth or the throat at the back of the mouth. There is an uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and cause damage to tissues. Mouth cancer or Oral cancer may arise as a primary lesion originated in any of the tissues in the oral cavity. There are several types of oral cancers, but 90% of them are squamous cell carcinomas, which means that they originate in the tissues that line the mouth and lips and commonly involves the tongue, floor of the mouth and gingiva. Oral cancer has resulted in many deaths since 1990 to today’s date, even that the death rate has increased tremendously there is more advance equipment to help…

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  • Oral Cancer Essay

    Oral Cancer On average, 43,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer per year. Of those 43,000, it will cause over 8,000 deaths. That is one person every hour of every day. This number is rising higher and higher not because it’s hard to discover or diagnose but the early stages of oral cancer are going unnoticed (“Oral Cancer Facts” 2014). More often than not, treatment is being sought out after it is too late. Understanding the causing factors of this disease and taking the proper…

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  • Oral Cancer: A Case Study

    3.6 Management 3.61 Treatment Oral cancer is a localised disease that most likely infiltrates adjacent bone and soft tissue and tends to spread to regional lymph nodes in the head and neck region. It is essential to carry out a thorough examination which includes, inspection, palpation of oral cavity and neck; distant metastasis is quite unlikely. Imaging modalities such as CT and MRI are commonly used to investigate the extent of spread of oral cancer to adjacent tissues including bone and…

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  • Essay On Tongue Cancer

    Tongue cancer is a very common cancer that plagues people daily. It is a form of oral cancer that forms in the front two-thirds of the mouth. It usually develops in the squamous cells of the mouth. Around forty- three- thousand people in the U.S alone are affected by this type of cancer just this year. It kills roughly one person per hour, which is twenty-four in one day alone. This cancer causes a lot of deaths and a little more than half of the people with this cancer will die in the next five…

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  • 1. What Are The Reasons For Mouth Cancer

    MOUTH CANCER Research Questions: 1. What are the reasons for mouth cancer? 2. How effective are the treatments for mouth cancer? 3. How to avert mouth cancer? 4. What are the effective measures taken against mouth cancer? Objective:- The main reason behind choosing this topic is our keen interest in health and disease and when we saw the mortality rate due to cancer, it made us think to work on it. So we as a group of three candidates decided to spread awareness about mouth cancer. We decided…

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  • Oral Cavity Research Paper

    Introduction One of the main reasons why the oral cavity plays a major role in early detection of disease/malignancy is the fact that the mucous membrane cells have a rapid turnover which is 3-7 days while that of the skin is around 28 days. This signifies to the early manifestations which can be detected by the dental practitioner, and thus probably might save the patient's life, or at least direct him towards proper treatment. Firstly, it is of significance to define three main terms as stated…

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  • Health Intervention Paper

    It does so through providing full or partial reimbursements, and vouchers for cancer screenings. It’s goal is to increase the number of people who get these important health screening and there is an improvement due to this program. 2. Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations • Developed by IOM “HRSA and California HealthCare Foundation asked the IOM and the National Research Council to assess the current oral health care system, to develop a vision for how…

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  • Oral Submucous Fibrosis Research Paper

    The oral submucous fibrosis is defined as a premalignant condition, a generalized state of oral mucosa associated with a significantly increase risk of oral cancer as per WHO1. Oral submucous fibrosis is high risk premalignant condition characterized by the changes in connective tissue fibers of lamina propria and deeper parts leading to stiffness of the mucosa and restricted mouth opening.2 Schwartz first reported OSMF in a series of Indian women living in east Africa there are descriptions…

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  • Curcumin Abstract

    such as anti-inflammation and chemo preventive action. It can also act as an antioxidant and can even chelate irons. Currently, curcumin is involved in human clinical trials for many different conditions like multiple myeloma, Alzheimer’s disease, and colon cancer as a potential therapeutic agent. The purpose of this proposal is to present the current level of knowledge concerning the potential of curcumin as an agent for the chemoprevention of cancer by understanding the way it acts during cell…

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  • Toluidine Blue And Acetic Acid Experiment

    chewing, whereas patients with lichen planus had no history of Tobacco abuse. On performing comparative analysis between different staining modalities with Histopathological grades, non-significant results were reported. The sensitivity and specificity for Acetic acid was 83.3% and 8.3% respectively and for Toluidine blue, the sensitivity and specificity was 57.6% and 25% respectively. This was in agreement with previous results. [10,16] DISCUSSION The concept of initial presence of a…

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