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  • Citron Case Study

    Facts The largest municipal bankruptcy, in the history of the United States, was Orange County California, and at the center of this unforeseen catastrophe Robert Citron. Irrefutably, the financial complications that lead to the bankruptcy were the direct result of the mismanagement of public funds by county treasurer, Robert Citron. Furthermore, due to Citron risky investments with the county’s monies, he left the county in a one-and—half billion dollars’ worth of debt. According to the text, as a result, “…Citron was forced to resign in disgrace, and his foresight opponent was appointed to fill the vacant office and clean up the fiscal mess” (Shafritz and Borick, 2011p.99). Indeed, then, this is a case study that is indicative of how Citron…

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  • Disneyland Informative Speech

    of the rides, with the B- Tickets you could get onto nine of the rides, and with the C- Tickets you could get onto twelve of the rides (Blasingame). A- Tickets cost $.10, B-Tickets cost $.20, and C-Tickets cost $.30 (Blasingame). Instead of the A through C- Tickets you could purchase an 8-Ticket Book which cost $2.50 (Blasingame). “Then in October 1955, the famous A-E ticket system was created, though at the time D and E-ticket rides had yet to be invented. Tickets could be bought individually…

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  • Riverside City Case Study

    Riverside, CA—General Plan Analysis and 30-Year Strategy Context Riverside City is located in Southern California. It was founded during the mission days under Spanish rule in the early 1800s, when ranchos (land grands) were offered to citizens of high standing. The downtown design was a grid iron pattern borrowed from the design of downtown Philadelphia . The city benefitted from the “second gold rush” of California; navel oranges were a cash crop in the area. The citrus industry assisted in…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Widow Creek

    I grew up in a small town called Haron, the population was about 1,500. It was a small town, nothing bad ever happened. Everyone was so friendly and kind to each other. There was only one high school so all my friends were practically living on the same block as me. Most of our hangout spots were at the café or the bowling alley, there wasn’t that much to do in Haron. I lived on a small farm just near widow creek. In my town, Widow Creek was forbidden by Mayor Judson, I’ve always wanted to know…

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  • Orange County Food Bank: A Short Story

    The Orange County Food Bank service event made me realize that many families often have to make impossible choices between food and utilities, or food and rent. The harsh reality is that when families buy food instead of paying their rent, they can end up living in their cars, or worse, out on the street. It made me more appreciative of what I have such as shelter, food, warmth, education, and family. I am more open minded of others opinions and understand that everyone has desires and dreams…

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  • Analysis Of Gustavo Arellano's Orange County: A Personal History

    The concept of assimilation is the main idea in the story of the author Gustavo Arellano’s book Orange County: A Personal History. A definition of assimilation based on would be the absorption and integration of people, ideas, or culture into a wider society or culture. The type of culture mainly discussed on the idea of assimilation would be Mexicans because of the Arellano’s cultural background. Throughout the book he gives many examples of how he and his family have assimilated…

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  • William Bonin The Freeway Killer

    William Bonin, also known as “The Freeway Killer”, is classified as a serial killer. One way to describe him as a serial killer is as a homosexual rapist. Bonin was a resident of the state of California, and has raped and murdered 14 teenagers. He committed his 1st rape crime in 1972 and went on until 1980, the year he was arrested. He was sentenced to death and died of lethal injection in 1996. On August 5, 1979, the defendant and co-defendant Butts accosted Marcus Grabs, 17, in Newport Beach…

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  • Nutritional Values Of Guava Fruit

    Apart from guava’s nutritional value, flavor of guava is also one of the most distinguishable characteristics of this tropical fruit. Studies on guava volatile compounds have been made using leaf, skin, fruit and fruit puree. The first publication was made on the volatile components of guava in 1970. The compounds from guava fruit were extracted using distillation. Twenty-two compounds were present in the oil: eight alcohols, six esters, three aldehydes four terpenes, one ketone and an alcohol.…

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  • Describe The Picture Of John Wideman

    and needs a seat. The chair is very comfortable to everyone and most people like the color. Speaking of chair earlier I said at the bottom of my picture was something wooden. Well that wooden thing is a chair that came with the room it is hard and brown. There is one last picture that looks like to basically end this story and night. Looking at the picture I can see a laptop that looks to be open and being used. A hard brown two leg chair is sitting in the middle of the floor and in front of a…

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  • Fish Tank Film Analysis

    Fish Tank, directed by Andrea Arnold, is a film that relies heavily on style. One such element of style that is particularly important to this film is its color. In the majority of the film warm and bright colors compose many scenes. Orange and yellow dominate in scenes set on the first floor of Mia’s home and at night. Light blues fill in the sky, doorways, and many other components of the set. Mia and Conor’s clothing, though not exuberant, always feature components made up of light colors…

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