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  • The Transition From Orality To Literacy: An Analysis Of René Descartes And The Clockwork Girl

    The transition from orality to literacy is fascinating because one would naturally assume that a transition has three phases: How Things Were, How Things Are, and How Things Were in Between. In this case, the natural assumption is incorrect. How Things Were is a clearly identifiable stage, obviously separate from the others. In that stage, written language had not yet been invented. It is much more difficult to define How Things Are. Once the transition from orality began, literacy intermingled with orality, and since then the literate world has never cast the oral world away. How Things Are is essentially the most recent stop in the long journey that is How Things Were in Between, and perhaps it will always be. Nevertheless, this paper provide…

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  • Walter Ong's Rhetoric Analysis

    instant messaging and social media have taken away the intimacy of orality. I will be supporting my analysis by utilizing Aristotle’s theory…

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  • Summary: Structural Integration Vs. Cultural Assimilation

    African Americans are constantly under scrutiny, even as far as debating on whether or not our label should read “African American.” Whether referred to as African American, Black, Afrikan, or any other title, Black people have struggled over what is to be preferred in the representation a united black body, in their own expressive culture. In this paper I plan to introduce briefly the works Geneva Smitherman, and Perry Hall, two prominent scholars on the topic of Black cultural sensibilities,…

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  • The Imaginary And Silence: An Analysis Of Ballad Poetry And Coleridge

    like the Ballad. This literary tradition hearkens back to civilization before the invention of the written language and the medium of orality through which man publishes authentic creation. While conventional ballads, such as Beowulf or Robin Hood remain authorless or as some would argue the amalgamate of a communal authorship, Literary Ballads’ of the Romantic tradition attribute their authorship to titans of the Literary Canon such as Wordsworth, Byron, and Blake. Through the Ballad form,…

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  • Rorschach Oral Fixation Theory

    Working research question: What is the relationship between oral fixation/oral dependence and oral fetishism (any fetish that includes sucking or licking) /Oral partialism? And how does the sex of the participants play any role in the study? *Using the ROD test to measure orality, and then surveying oral-dependent people on their sexual preferences/ fetishes. Bornstein, R. (1996). Construct Validity of the Rorschach Oral Dependency Scale: 1967-1995. Psychological Assessment, 8(2), 200-205.…

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  • Ive Been To The Mountaintop Analysis

    The medium, oral form, has been used effectively to deliver a message of resistance that motivates and draws an emotional connection from the target audience. This analysis will focus on how the flexibility of orality can be used to create a link between the communicating parties. It will also draw attention to speech as a powerful means of communication and dominance. The effectuality of the message by using variations in tone or intensity of the voice, how they talk with fervor and how the…

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  • How Is Love Different From The Middle Ages

    People from different times and cultures have fallen in love, but during the Medieval era love has been documented and passed on from generations to generations through music, arts, poetry, etc. From the late 11th to the late 13th century, the concept of love was new and became a popular topic of poetry and music. The troubadours were the inventors of the courtly love (or fin ‘amor in Occitan) which is an art of conversation and composing lyrical poetry and music. Troubadour lyric plays with…

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  • Storytelling Bettelheim Summary

    Storytelling is a powerful tool. Whether it is used as a method of passing down culture among civilizations or as a way to put a child to sleep, stories have their enchanting properties which affect the psychological mind. Children especially are affected by scary stories in a significant way as they mature from the themes told through the tales. As infants develop throughout orality, anality, and genitality, scary stories allow boys and girls to become aware of the human condition, their social…

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  • Twerking Research Paper

    A traditional African dance called Mapouka is where this next dance gets its moves. “Twerking” is a sexually provocative form of dance, which involves mostly women dropping, popping the hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion to “articulate through kinetic orality different aspects of a rap song” (Gaunt 248) and used as a tool for social interaction. The dance originated in New Orleans: However, linked to a centuries-old “dance-drum” continuum rooted in African cultures, but received most of its…

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  • Hip Hop Subcultural Movement

    Hip hop is a subcultural movement that originated in the early 1970’s by groups of young African-American, Latino, and Caribbean teenagers living in South Bronx, New York City. Though it made its way towards the western coast of the United States of America, Hip hop did not gain popularity until the 1980’s. It can be divided into four sub-groups. Each of these groups represent hip hop in a unique way. In terms of orality, hip hop heavily relies on rap music, which involves speech, writing, and…

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