Structural Integration Vs Cultural Assimilation Analysis

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Various groups throughout the world, let alone the United States, have personal narratives and original stories that set them apart from other groups. These people, whether minority or majority, have faced setbacks, obstacles, and tribulation, but still manage to forge their own destinies; thus they have created their own means of expressing their culture. Though they may be challenged, most are allowed to stand alone without much criticism, or scrutiny. On the contrary, African Americans have a unique experience that has yet to be closely identical to that of any other cultural group. African Americans are constantly under scrutiny, even as far as debating on whether or not our label should read “African American.” Whether referred to as African American, Black, Afrikan, or any other title, Black people have struggled over what is to be preferred in the …show more content…
In his article, “Structural Integration vs. Cultural Assimilation: A Distinction with a Difference”, Hall breaks down the complex, and multidimensional duality of African American consciousness, encouraging the audience to see the integration and assimilation as two different things and understand the distinction between the two concepts. In the paper, Hall defines integration, or ‘structural integration’ as he refers to it, as “a political goal of gaining access to institutions, opportunities, levers of power, in the mainstream economic, social, and political structures” (Hall 1). In effort to show the distinction of the two terms, Hall then goes on the define assimilation or ‘cultural assimilation’. The definition given for cultural assimilation is “both adoption of mainstream cultural norms and loss of indigenous cultural distinction” (Hall 1). These definitions allow Hall to breakdown the popular argument without using previous approaches, thus allowing him produce his own

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