Oral rehydration therapy

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  • Choolera Outbreak In Haiti

    I. Introduction The cholera outbreak in Haiti has claimed the lives of over 7,000 Haitians and has sickened over 470,000 since the 2010 earthquake.1 An effective program that Haiti should consider is using a mass vaccination of a new and inexpensive oral cholera vaccine called Shanchol, which has been successful in Odisha, India.2 II. Body of Paper A. The emergence of cholera in Haiti was initiated by a number of existing problems. There where two national disasters that struck Haiti between 2010 and 2012 that where instrumental to starting the cholera outbreak. The first was the 2010 earthquake that rocked the small island nation. On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake struck the region of Port-au-Prince Haiti.3 This disaster claimed the…

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  • Geriatric Interview Essay

    I feel as though they often neglect their health by being overwhelmed with daily stressors and/or the fear of the end being near. Physical therapy is very important and necessary for the elderly. We all know that as we age our body slows down and our joints can become stiffer. This is why it is critical that we keep our geriatric population active to decrease the chances of injury and maintain mobility. In my journey of becoming a physical therapist, I also inspire to become a geriatric care…

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  • Beetlejuice Psychological Analysis

    Within the chaos of the movie, remains Lydia Deetz. She is a peculiar teen that is able to bring the two families together, helping them live cordially. Her personality, early childhood, and mental health will be discussed throughout the paper. The hypothetical application of Rogerian Client-Centered Therapy and how it would likely affect Lydia will also be presented. Lydia Deetz, moves abruptly to rural Connecticut with her father, Charles and her step-mother, Delia. She is a dark, mysterious…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Anxiety

    Philosophy There have been many studies, and it is undisputed that pets improve the lives of them owners. Studies have shown that animals have improved the anxiety levels of their owners that suffer with mental disorders, elderly residents in nursing facilities, as well as, regulating autonomic stress in women. Therapist have been using these studies to improve therapy for a variety of disorder, such as, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety can be a life altering disorder,…

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  • Nondirectivity In The Theories Of Carl R. Rogers Theory Of Therapy

    1.0 Rogers’ Theory of Therapy Jerold Bozarth, the well-known person-centred reader and the president of Person-Centre International from University of Georgia, USA, in his article ‘Nondirectivity’ in the theory of Carl R. Rogers: An unprecedented premise’ (2012) defined that “In Roger’s theory of therapy, nondirectivity refers to the therapist’s actions, attitudes, and demeanor that maximize the opportunity for the client/participant to direct her/his own life (…) the client is the director of…

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  • Veterinary Clinic Case Study

    Pick A Good Veterinary Hospital A standout amongst the most vital choices that you can make as a pet proprietor is picking where to take your pet for restorative consideration. One of the most ideal approaches to find out about veterinary doctor's facilities in your general vicinity is to just make an inquiry or two. Ask where your companions, family, associates and neighbors go and in the event that they can make any suggestions. We discovered our pooch's veterinarian through proposals from…

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  • Relationship Between Stress Management Strategies And Prioritized Values

    Journal 3 Reflect on any connections you have noticed between stress management strategies and prioritized values. How are they interrelated? As I have discussed before, yoga has become a huge part of my life. Especially while at college, I value my body and try to pay attention to what I put in it and how I can use it. Yoga, a daily practice of mine now, is a way for myself to move my body and maintain a confident perception of my body. This, I have realized, increases my mental well…

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  • Therapeutic Sandtray Analysis

    understand how meaningful the therapeutic modality could be for clients and clinicians. The earliest conceptualizations of utilizing therapeutic sandtrays date back to the early play therapy work of Margaret Lowenfeld, Sigmund and Anna Freud, Hermine Hug-Hellmuth, Melanie Klein, and Dana Kalff (Homeyer and Sweeney, 2017, pp. 9-10). Linda Homeyer and Daniel Sweeney name their method sandtray therapy (Perryman, Moss, and Anderson, 2016, pp. 186-187). There is strong evidence that…

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  • The Positive Dog Book Report

    The Positive Dog: A Story About the Power of Positivity Which dog will you decide to feed, the negative one or the positive one? The Positive Dog, by Jon Gordon is an enjoyable book to help you discover how to feed the positive dog inside of you. Feeding the positive dog is as easy as changing one word and giving the simplest smile. This book has already helped me to turn my negative thinking and feelings positive. “The Positive Dog” is about two dogs name Matt and Bubba. Matt is sad, mad,…

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  • Human Services Reflection

    In the field of Human Services it is important to become comfortable when you are working with clients that are culturally different than yourself. The agency I am working at IDEA there clientele base provides a wide range of diversity. Although I am mainly at the Brighton location, once a month I do hours in the Denver office. The majority of client’s I deal with at the agency are Mexican American; African American and European (White), Asian and a few clients that represent the LGBT community.…

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