Dentist Research Paper

When thinking of the role of a dentist, most people come up with “they extract teeth”. To put it differently, dentists complete more intricate tasks than just removing teeth. After reading an article from adldentallabs, I discovered plentiful tasks that dentists execute. First, they detect different oral diseases varying from gingivitis to hypertension. Second, diagnosing problems affecting their lips, tongue, jaw, and teeth could save a patient from receiving dentures. Third, they perform cosmetic procedures that physically improve a patient’s appearance such as braces or whitening agents, which results in more self-confidence. Fourth, restoring people’s oral cavities by performing surgery. This can be somewhat painful, hence dentists dispense …show more content…
Prosthodontists are the dentist’s one would go to if you were old and needed dentures or were in a fight and had some teeth knocked out. Whereas Endodontists perform root canals, while periodontists treat the gums and bone that support the teeth. Dental public health specialists promote good dental health and prevent dental diseases. Oral and maxillofacial radiologists diagnose disease in the neck and head, using imaging such as x-rays while the surgeons operate on the mouth or jaws such as operating on wisdom teeth. For instance, I went to my maxillofacial surgeon where he had to remove my wisdom teeth last year. The process took within an hour for them to do my x-rays, put me under anesthesia, and remove my wisdom teeth with ease. Oral pathologists diagnose conditions in the mouth, such as boils and oral diseases, such as cancer. Just like medical doctors, there are specialized dentists for children known as pediatric dentists that focus on kids and special-needs patients like cleft lips. The most widely known specialty would be orthodontics, which is about straightening teeth by applying force to the teeth with brackets or other appliances. Out of all the specialties, the one that interests me the most is Orthodontics. Becoming an orthodontist seems interesting enough because I had braces myself as a kid. As a child, I enjoyed going to the dentist and watching the progress my teeth had went through. Seeing the final outcome of my teeth made me feel like an entirely new person with way more confidence. This is what inspires me to become an excellent

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