Essay On Becoming A Dental Assistant

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Teeth are the first thing that I look at in a person when I meet them so I figured that teeth would be interesting to work with because I mean who wouldn’t want great teeth. With great teeth are people that work in the dental field that help everyone get that perfect smile that they dream for. One group of people that are in the dental field are called dental assistants. As a dental assistant there are many tasks that dental assistants do like prepare patients for teeth treatments, cleanings, and sterilizing instruments. Dental assistants might also assist the dentist suction equipment to clear patients ' mouths during any surgeries or dental procedures, they might also help with keeping patients dental records. Some people look at dental assistants …show more content…
To start off, the first thing I looked into was of course the education requirements due to the fact everyone looks into the education requirements before setting their mind on one career. According to it states that there are no formal education requirements for entering a career in dental assisting. It also states that even some of the dental assistants have a high school diploma and only receive on-the-job training, but post secondary dental assisting programs after more comprehensive career training. Dental assisting programs are typically a one year diploma or certificate programs. The dental assisting programs mainly focus on the technical side of dental assisting through classroom, labs, and even clinical instruction. Pre-requisites are not really required but community colleges and even vocational schools also offer two year associate 's degree programs. The two year associates degree programs combine general education, technical training and more detailed clinical practicum 's. I wanted to get some statistics that would give me an outlook of the education side of dental assisting schools. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 285 dental assisting education programs approved by the commission on Dental Accreditation in

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