Radiation Therapy

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Coping with a Terrible Disease Surrounded by his friends and family, the loved one had a huge announcement. He revealed that he had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. All around, he heard sobs and family members asking why? Grandchildren were distraught that their grandfather was going to have to go through this. Even though he believed the hardest part was over, the real journey has just begun. The diagnosis is life altering in more ways than simply damaging health. Dealing with evolving family roles, establishing a working relationship with the doctors, treatment decisions and coping, are just a few of the ways the cancer patient’s life is forever changed. The pain of a Cancer diagnosis is felt by more than just the patient. Family …show more content…
Knowing how it works, and what your going to expect calms most peoples fears. Chemotherapy gives the patients a feeling of control over their Cancer. Radiation therapy is using high-energy particles to destroy or damage the Cancer cells. Radiation therapy is the most common Cancer treatment. It can be used by itself to with other treatment types. Hyperthermia is using heat to treat the Cancer. This method has been used for a long time but never had constant results. Since the knowledge of medicine has grew, doctors are now able to have a more precise heat delivery. Blood transfusions are used to replace blood to the Cancer patients body when they can not produce its own or they have lost too much (Treatment). When going through Cancer treatments know how to get in touch with the doctor. Family members may want to talk to members of the patients health care team. This can aid them in getting answers for their questions. Knowing how to reach the doctors at any time can help family members find support for their feelings (Making). When in meetings with your doctor ask questions. Questions such as side effects and how limited one is when going through treatment (Making). More questions that make Cancer patients wonder are; has it spread?, can it be treated?, what can I do to prevent my cancer from recurring?, and how likely are my children or other family members to get cancer? To make sure the patient asks all the questions they need write them down. It is said to be a good idea to bring family or friends to the first few doctors appointments. They can help remember what you heard and make sure that you have all the information correct. It is also helpful if the patient knows all about their cancer so they can ask the appropriate questions and make the right decisions

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