Career Paper: Radiation Therapy

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Emily Foster
February 16, 2015

Radiation therapists are an integral part of the oncology team. Along with using radiation to destroy cancer or other diseases, they offer compassion and faith to people fighting. Radiation therapy would be an extremely fulfilling career choice. Radiation therapists are able to begin the process of recovery for many people. The one on one connection with patients combined with the impact a radiation therapist has on their life will inspire me on a daily basis to be the best healthcare provider for those in need. I believe that I have all the tools necessary to flourish as a radiation therapist. There are many reasons as to why I chose this career. It starts with my devotion to helping people. I have a great
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For many, radiation therapy is the difference between hope and despair, life and death. Terminal patients would be far more frequent without the option of radiation. Advancements in technology continue to prove the significance of radiation and its impact on cancer treatments. Being able to use my skills to help patients increase their chances of survival is inspiring to me. This career path is encouraging, rather than depressing, in the fact that it offers a second chance. Although there is the reality of treatment plans failing, patient relapses, and losing patients, there is a more promising focus of the growing number of successful cases. I am fully aware of the emotional and mental stresses that this job can provide due to the nature of its assignments and associations. I feel that my job will be far more rewarding to have been a part of the team that gave a patient hope for even one more day. Along with providing radiation, a huge part of a radiation therapist’s job is to provide a trusting, supportive relationship with their patients and their families as they enlist me in their journey toward remission. It would be a privilege to be a part of that …show more content…
It fuels my drive and ambition to want to thrive in this career. I am an extremely hard worker who is willing to put in the work needed for me to succeed at every task and goal set for me. I have an unwavering desire to help people and to provide all the available options to change their lives for the better. I am also willing to learn any new task or skill needed from me and at the competitive speed needed to provide the best care for the patient and healthcare team. I have experience with professional communication skills involving a myriad of personalities and scenarios. My ability to present a friendly, yet professional behavior will allow the patients to know they can trust me with my therapist responsibilities as well as their conversations and emotions. My compassion for the job gives me the traits needed to handle the tougher parts of this job while providing the embrace and comfort that the patient needs from me. Radiation therapy will enlist hard work from me, but all fulfilling and truly rewarding careers challenge and push their participants to their highest level of

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