Personal Narrative: Myself As A Therapist

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Do you know what you will be doing five years down the road? For me, it is hard to imagine myself as a therapist though I do share an interest in helping people. The reality is, you can plan for many things but you never can fully predict where life will take you. As a therapist I can identify some potential strengths and weaknesses that I bring to the field. Furthermore, I also have had some life experiences that help me keep and open mind to people 's perceived hardships and successes. Moreover, let me explain what I potentially I offer the field, and where I need to grow to become a better therapist. In life I have dealt with some difficult situations that I have learned a lot from and have shaped me as a person. When I first considered …show more content…
I figure that with time and practice I will eventually feel more comfortable and confident talking to clients. I am finding it difficult to shut my problem solving part of the brain off and just allow the client to work through his or her own problems in a manner that is best suited for themselves. As a communicator I recognize that I ask a lot of closed ended questions and not so many open-ended questions. I am realizing that this a good skill to possess in all walks of life, and I plan to continue to ask more open-ended questions in my everyday life whether talking to friends, clients, family, or …show more content…
I believe that all people have the ability to be great in whatever they are interested in and I want to be able to give them the tools to recognize their own abilities and potentials. Understanding that some clients just need an authority figure, and that I can be somebody they can trust and look up to. Furthermore, using my self-awareness to continue to access weak points within myself so I can continue to better my craft as a therapist with be very important to me. Finally, I understand that this job will have its challenges as well as it 's rewards and I am willing to take the bad with the good and make the most out of

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