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  • Process Analysis Model

    Input also known as resources could be human or financial resources as well as other necessary input to support the program. Activities are those events that produce the output. The output consists of the products and services available for the customers. The customers are the users of the products/services produced at the output level. The outcomes are benefits or changes resulting from activities and output. When it is closely related to the output, it is called short-term outcome. The further application of the short-term outcome is described as an intermediate outcome. The long-term outcome describes the overall impact of the program. Furthermore, Logic models do not only provide links between the situation (problem) and the process levels, they also provide a link between the process levels, which are often depicted by arrows as shown in Figure 1. Often times, the situation (problem) is expressed in a “general” research question which guides the overall development of the logic model (McLaughlin and Jordan 2015). Also, identifying the possible contextual assumptions and external influences is an essential process in evaluation program logic building. The contextual assumptions and external influences guide the evaluator on clarifying how a program is doing well. The essay has two part. Part A is a program evaluation logic model of the Ontario Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Bridging (OIEPB) program. Part B shows specific and achievable evaluation questions.…

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  • Gifted Simulation Analysis

    One of the main criteria I would use to evaluate the suitability of a specific simulation is whether or not the simulation involves higher order thinking. One of the traits that “differentiates gifted students from their age peers is their exceptional capacity to perceive information and use it productively” (Parks, 2009, p. 261). As a teacher, we are “challenged to select or design instruction to teach reasoning processes that are abstract, sometimes requiring a technical understanding of…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Computer Science

    with the Logo turtle on screen in sixth grade was my first exposure to computer science. I was immediately fascinated by the idea of approximating a smooth circle with a regular polygon of, say, 360 sides. Staring at the “circle” on screen, I could not quite digest the fact that it was something produced in a fundamentally different way compared to the one I could draw with a pair of compasses, though neither of which was ever close to being the perfect, mathematical circle that probably does…

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  • Overpopulation Essay

    Safwan Waheed Advanced Academic Writing “Recently, 2.4 children are born each second!” (Cite) Well, we have limited resources on our planet, so how can we articulate the anticipated problem of overpopulation? People, no matter of their number, need sustenance such as food, accommodation, and education .But interestingly underdeveloped countries have a large increasing rate in their population than developed countries while underdevelopedcountries have no mastery of their natural resources. In…

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  • Dante's Inferno As A Mathematical Model

    Mathematical models are used to organize large amounts of data to evaluate and consider for any decision. The first sentence of our book states this direction. "The underlying theme of management science, also called operations research is finding the best method for solving some problems…" (1) Operations Research enables planners to make choices in areas that is useful in the management of organizations. Operations Research combines a number of mathematical systems using, statistics,…

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  • Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

    This took arduous mathematical modeling and computation through the MATLAB software. I contributed in implementing the chassis and motor design my utilizing AutoCAD. Another important project I’ve worked on was a three-element Windkessel Model, used to represent a pulsatile flow in the arterial system of the heart through a MATLAB simulation: a healthy unobstructed model and one in which hypertension caused a defect in the parameters used in the mathematical model to simulate the portrayed…

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  • Syntax And Syntax Of Mathematics

    In this paper, the author has explained how mathematics can be taught to software engineering students. It is important for software engineering student to know mathematical foundation and techniques to solve problems. Mainly the foundation contained logic and discrete mathematics and techniques that author explained are specification and reasoning. The specification is a process in which informally given concepts are transformed into mathematical model and theory. The reasoning is the process…

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  • Small Change Malcolm Gladwell Analysis

    As of 2014, 38 percent of suicide cases were related or caused by social media. Scientist further investigated this correlation and found out that 50 billion of contents are shared monthly using social media. Many of us question this outrageous catastrophe, but to truly understand the immense power behind social media, details must be acquired. Identifying the details of social media, social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has lingered this world for the past decade. With the fusing of…

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  • Proof In VCE Mathematics Study

    misinterpret the questions. According to Bergqvist’s study, students think that the meaning of “prove” and “show” are significantly different, where “show” is supposed to be less rigorous and less difficult. Therefore, the verb “prove” should be used when proof is required (Bergqvist, 2005) Some worked examples of proof in the VCE textbooks show the rule or working steps rather than instruct the proper explanation of to how and why those proof strategies are used to support students’…

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  • Finance Case Study: Potential Investment

    Potential Investment Project 3 The third investment that Indian River’s management team asked Constand Consulting to analyze and discuss involves choosing between two different projects, W and C, which are systems of disposing of wastes associated with another product, frozen grape juice. Both systems have an estimated three-year useful life; the project selected will probably be repeated at the end of its life into the foreseeable future. Since the waste disposal projects have no impact on…

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