Perinatal mortality

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  • Samoa's Mental Health Issue

    long life expectancy of 73.46 years, with women outliving me 76.48 years to 70.58 years (The World Factbook: Samoa). Although these statistics are similar to those in another countries, there are still a few concerns in regards to the health of Samoa’s population. There is a maternal mortality rate of 51 deaths/100,000 live births, and an infant mortality of 19.57 deaths/1,000 live births (The World Factbook: Samoa). Moreover, the male infant mortality rate exceeds that national average with 23.1 deaths/1,000 live births (The World Factbook: Samoa). A rate as high as this one shows that Samoa has challenges in its prenatal care system that must be addressed. Another challenge that this country faces is the of obesity. 41.6 % of Samoa’s population suffers from obesity, ranking the country at 6 in the world for this medical issue (The World Factbook: Samoa). As a result of this problem, the country also experiences high levels of raised blood glucose and raised blood pressure (Samoa: WHO statistical profile). As a country, Samoa must enact some plans to tackle the rising obesity problem in its nation. It is possible that many of the challenges to the countries health, such as high infant mortality and short life spans for men, could be reversed when this issue is addressed. However, this is not the only topic the country must work on. In addition to concerns regarding obesity, Samoa is struggling with mental health in its country. In 2006, the country revised and approved…

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  • The Biomedical Model

    pre-eclampsia, hemorrhage, eclampsia which are preventable with surveillance and monitoring (WHO, 2014). Pre-eclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure and proteinuria during pregnancy, which then if not treated can lead to eclampsia. Eclampsia can result in nausea, vomiting, seizures, and coma for the mother. Hemorrhage is the excessive bleeding that can occur after childbirth, and infections such as sepsis due to unhygienic practices. The rates of deaths from such complications are…

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  • Importance Of Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

    For example, nurses in Macedonian were participating in an update education to introduce evidence based into their practice of delivering care. As the perinatal mortality rate was the highest in Europe health care administrators was provided an evidence based practice training to all health care staff with the objective to implement and evaluate how it would help in reducing the rate of perinatal mortality. As a result of the intervention nurses in Macedonian was motivated to implement evidence…

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  • Maternal Health Issues

    used as an indicator for evaluating the quality of health care systems and is assessed using estimates of maternal mortality and morbidity rates. Maternal health is a significant aspect of the health of populations and the repeated emphasis placed on this health issue by global institutions and local governments over the years, reiterates its importance. Maternal health was a central component of the Millennium Development Goals; and the twenty five years which followed the adoption of these…

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  • Maternal Mortality Case Study

    Maternal Mortality has been on a steady decline in developed countries such as the United States. However, in the under-developed areas maternal mortality rates have remained unusually high. The alarming issue is not a new and emerging topic, however with over half a million women dying each year due to pregnancy complications the issue has become one of great prominence (Hunt & Bueno de Mesquita, 2014). In order to improve the issues changes must be made at the economical, social, political,…

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  • Spurious Regression Statistics

    specifications. The objective is to have a clear understanding of the determinants of infant mortality. Stationarity Check: Regression of a non-stationary time-series variable may cause a spurious regression or non-sense regression (a symptom of spurious regression is that the R-square value is greater that Durbin-Watson test statistics) which is not desirable. After estimating the first regression, the R-square value is 0.99 while the Durbin-Watson statistic is 0.86. So if I continue with the…

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  • Mortality Rate In England Essay

    Assessing patterns and causes of mortality rates in England (16th to 19th century AD) When researching into to the topic of mortality rates, (Scott et al, 2005) observes that it is very complex to understand the historical patterns of mortality in England and that the ‘demographic parameters of mortality decline are unclear’. Mortality rate can vary when studying various types of geographic settings, different periods of time and on the age and gender allocation of a given population. Scientist…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Animals In Captivity

    known to live an average of seventy to ninety years, yet in marine parks their life expectancy is only thirty to forty years old. The infant mortality rate in captivity is around fifty percent. It is unclear how long an infant in the wild can survive since they are not see until their sixth month. Overall, the survival rate in captivity is much lower since they are not living in their ideal habitat. Every year since SeaWorld began the breeding program an orca has passed away; about twenty five…

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  • Maternal Mortality

    the following report, the variable Maternal Mortality, and the variable Number of Physicians will be examined. The hypothesis going into this examination is that the two variables will have a strong relationship. The aim of this bivariate investigation is to determine whether or not this theory is correct. At first examination, it was decided that the two variables would be related, as the likelihood of maternal death during childbirth is increasingly unlikely when the number of doctors present…

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  • No Bumps In The Road Literature Review

    confident that we can make our service plan work because we have had training in many areas that will be pertinent in our service delivery. Most importantly as a team we understand the needs of women who are pregnant. Many of our staff and board members have worked with Planned Parenthood and B’more for Health Babies for a number of years so they have had exceptional education. As well, we have some service coordinating and administrating experts on our staff. A contribution to our program…

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