Lack Of Abortion

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Lack of Access to a Safe Abortion: A Social Problem
Abortion is a major controversial topic in the United States regarding legal issues. Many people are against it, while others believe that it is the right of the mother to decide if she wants to carry the baby to full term or not. There has been an ongoing battle in the United States for many years regarding this issue and many people, especially women who have been raped and sexually assaulted are affected by the decisions that the society and government makes. As a result of such tragic occurrences, often times women choose to not have their child. However, a barrier of access to abortion is a social problem affecting many women and families in poverty, which ultimately leads to negative
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Jimènez died in Texas on October 3, 1977 due to an illegal abortion. The reason behind her getting an illegal abortion was because of the Hyde Amendment, which excluded federal Medicaid funding for abortion. Rosie’s story is a tragic one as she was a 27-year-old single mother fighting to get her teaching credential. According to Fund Abortion, Rosie died with a $700 scholarship in her purse. Instead of using the money for an abortion, Rosie decided to keep the money to put towards raising her daughter and paying for schooling. Driven by the idea of having a better life one day for herself and her daughter, Rosie crossed the border into Mexico and obtained a much cheaper and unsafe illegal abortion. Jimènez spent the last week of her life in a hospital in Texas and eventually died slowly from septic shock. The Center for Disease Control would later go on to report that around the time that Jimènez was in the hospital, five other women were also getting treatments at various hospitals in Texas following illegal abortion procedures in Mexico. All women had Medicaid, but because of the Hyde Amendment, none were allowed to use the funds. Every year, thousands of women get denied access to a safe abortion because of this law and are forced to either pay for one out of their own pockets, regardless if they can afford it or not, take matters into their own hands and terminate their pregnancy illegally, or bring their child to life. Some women who decide to take matters into their own hands, get convicted, arrested, and often times jailed for going against the

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