Argument Against Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood should not lose any funding or be shut down. Despite recent abortion controversies, Planned Parenthood should not be held responsible for pro-abortion advocates. The organization is pro-choice, and intends to give the choice back to the people in order to allow them to choose a better life for themselves. If Planned Parenthood loses its funding or gets shut down, people everywhere, but especially low-income families, will be put in a difficult standing in affordable health care and wellness. Furthermore, shutting down Planned Parenthood would put many people at a greater health risk than they have now, and worst yet, it will not end abortion. Denying people the right to the many basic health needs that Planned Parenthood provides because of one dispute over the right to abortion is inhumane and unconstitutional. First, one of the main arguments for closing down the organization is that the centers are too dangerous for women. One politician states that women and children are ‘recklessly murdered’ when they go in for an abortion, and backs up this statement with the fact that a handful of women have died in the past twelve months (Perkins 2). A handful? This figure seems rather …show more content…
Their mission is to prevent unwanted pregnancies by teaching sex-ed, family planning, and providing several health services (PPFA 1). “The ability to have contraceptives has lowered the monetary gap between males and females by 1/3 in just the nineties. In ‘09, females earned over 1/2 of all US doctoral degrees- a big step from 1/10 of all doctoral degrees in the sixties. In Eurasia, females now have the ability to get better schooling and work, thanks to family planning” (“Political” 2). Previously, women never finished schooling due to unplanned pregnancies and made half the income of their friends who were able to complete their education (Lowenstein

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