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  • Friction Of Friction Lab

    The lab that was conducted in class throughout this whole week was basically to find one suitable objective and that was to determine the friction of four surfaces. It consisted of multiple trials of pulling on a block that was measured at .118 kg, for each specific trial that was conducted. For the block, weights were added on top to determine the friction and how it was affected towards the tension and feel of multiple surfaces that the lab was primarily trying to accomplish. The multiple surfaces were cardboard, sandpaper, rubber and cork. My hypothesis experimented that the block of wood had many factors that determine the friction of the four surfaces would be the material, normal force and that static friction is way greater than kinetic…

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  • Friction And Force Of Static Friction

    Problem: Is there a relationship between the mass of an object and the force of static friction and force of kinetic friction of that object? If so, what type of relationship is there? Background: Friction is a type of force that is created when two surfaces move across one another. Static friction is friction between two or more solid objects that are not moving relative to one another. Kinetic friction is the amount of friction between two objects that are moving relative to each other.…

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  • Essay On Kinetic Friction

    Purpose: To study sliding friction and to determine the coefficients of static and kinetic friction. Theory: Friction is a force that opposes motion. Static friction prevents an objects being set into motion by an external force. Kinetic friction opposes the progress of a sliding object. Static friction is given by Fs< usn where N is the normal force between the object and its support surface and us is the coefficient of static friction. There-fore, the coefficient of static friction is…

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  • Coulomb's Theory Of Friction

    Friction is a crucial phenomenon in metal cutting which is very complex to model. It has a significant effect on the amount of power required for removing a given volume of metal, surface quality of the finished product, and the extent of tool wear. However, many studies assume no friction in the metal cutting process due to lack of experimental techniques to directly measure the coefficient of friction. Sticking and sliding regions are the two contact regions along the tool-chip interface. A…

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  • Relationship Between Kinetic Friction

    The purpose of this lab is to evaluate the relationship between kinetic friction coefficient and static coefficient as well as measure the coefficients of the two friction. Friction is the force that resists relative tangential movement. Its direction is opposite to the relative velocity. Kinetic friction and static friction are two types of friction. Static Friction happens when the two surface in contact remains relatively stationary to each other. It reaches its maximum value before the…

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  • Static Friction Lab Report

    Measurement of Static and Kinetic Friction Forces between Wood and a Table Purpose: In this experiment, a spring scale will help calculate the static friction and kinetic friction between a wooden block and table. Several factors impact the amounts of friction, and this experiment examines the factors and how they impact the sliding of the wooden blocks. Surface area of the blocks affect the friction, and the contact between the different surfaces varies for different objects and weights.…

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  • Surface Affect Sliding Friction

    2) Does the surface area of contact between two surfaces affect the frictional force? 3) Does the type of surface (carpet vs. hard/smooth surface) affect sliding friction? 4) Does the force between two objects (weight) affect sliding friction? While doing this lab, we were able to answer the given questions and we were able to check if our hypotheses were correct. We didn’t run into many problems, so our data is mostly accurate, in our opinion. In order to finish these…

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  • Experiment 37 Friction Report

    Experiment 37: Friction Anne Smolinski Wednesday 11:50-1:40 TA: Sanjoy Sarkar November 11, 2017 Experiment 37: Technical Report ABSTRACT In experiment 37, the friction force is being explained and tested by using a block that is being pulled across a wooden base. Out of the four different types of friction, two will be tested during this experiment: (i) static and (ii) kinetic. Static friction can be defined as the force that resists motion of an object to a surface so…

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  • Essay On Roller Coasters

    Friction plays a major role in actual roller coaster physics. Once cars are lifted to the top of the hill, gravity takes over, and kinetic energy is transferred throughout the remainder of the ride. Mechanical energy is not consistent. Mechanical energy is the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy. Mechanical energy can either be potential or kinetic. The four types of friction are static, sliding, rolling, and fluid. The normal force is one component of the contact force between two…

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  • Bridge Design Essay

    Figure 4. Another possible route. Figure 3 shows how the bridge will be located right next to the library as well as at Tonsley. Figure 4 also shows an alternate route that shortens the distance the bridge has to be by around 200m. The tram will run along track similar to the one shown in figure 4. The tram will have a row of wheels underneath them that run on a track keeping them up right as well as running smoothly. Calculation for tram overcoming static friction. The amount of energy…

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